Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Family Matters" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- Prediction: neither Samuel has a soul. #Supernatural starts now.

- "You're right, he looks terrible." Well, it's hard to be the pretty one around Cas and Dean! #NoSoulSam

- "Physically he's perfectly healthy." Well, yes, we've all seen the chin-ups! #NoSoulSam

- How sure are we that Michael/Adam is still in hell? #NoSoulSam

- My vote is still to shove Sam in the panic room until they can figure out how to find his soul. Or whatever. #NoSoulSam

- I love Dean's pop culture references. I want him to pop up on #Community! #NoSoulSam

- It occurs to me that the Campbell/Winchester families breeds giants just like the Eriksens do. #NoSoulSam

- Damn. Eight minutes in. Still the teaser. My theory about Samuel proven wrong. Oh well. #NoSoulSam

- Aw is Cas learning sarcasm?? He's growing up so fast! #NoSoulSam

- Aww vamps again? #NoSoulSam

- What kind of f*cked up family is this if Dean is the reject? I really miss the days of just two guys against the world. #NoSoulSam

- Is everyone in Samuel's little cult a Campbell? Because this woman is flirting too hard with Dean for it to be ok if she's family #NoSoulSam

- Oh lady, you get left behind because you play by ridiculous rules. If youre told to wait in shady woods, youre only good for bait #NoSoulSam

- I've been catching up on #Chuck so Dean flashing on things in #FamilyMatters is just a little too familiar. #NoSoulSam

- Glad Dean is getting his suspicions confirmed. His confidence as a hunter has been shaken. He needs to remember just how good he is.

- Dean's reaction to "No, it was mine" proves that he still #CantHandleTheTruth

- Velcro IS big news, Sam! You don't have to waste time tying knots and you never have to worry about losing a button!

- Total "Hello, Clarice" vibe right now seeing the cage. Doubt Samuel allows a last meal, though. #NoSoulSam

- #LifeUnexpected commercial. Someday I hope to see Kris Polaha and Jensen Ackles in the same show. But my TV might explode from hotness.

- What's with the long nails on this alpha-vamp? Is that something born out of the #Twilight generation of vampires? #NoSoulSam

- Behind every great man, even a great vampire, is a woman. So can u really kill the the whole brood by taking out the alpha but leaving mom?

- Where is purgatory? It's Earth, dummy. This is all just a giant waiting room. #NoSoulSam

- Demons lie; do vampires? #NoSoulSam

- I kind of want a job where when someone tells me to grab my stuff, I can legitimately grab a gun. #NoSoulSam

- For a minute I saw Harry Remar where Christian was standing. #NoSoulSam

- So uh do all demons hate vampires or is Christian just like Ruby and only willing to kill this dude for an ulterior motive? #NoSoulSam

- Glad Bobby is no longer Crowley's bitch ;)

- Jared Padlecki had two faces for five years. Now he should have zero emotions and he seems to have found a third. Hmmm... #NoSoulSam

- I think Dean is the Farrah Fawcett in this twisted #CharliesAngels situation. #NoSoulSam

- My new theory? Samuel's reason is that Crowley said he could bring back his family. His actual family. Wife, daughter. But again, demons lie

- Previews for the next #Supernatural: there is no such thing as "a little bit of your soul". That's like saying "a little dead". But nice try

Closing Remarks: Dare I say it? "Family Matters" may have had a ridiculously too on-the-nose title, but it was the strongest script of the season so far!

First of all, I'm just glad that not only are we as viewers getting definitive answers as to what exactly is wrong with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and what Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) is doing with the creatures he catches. Sure we kind of sort of already knew it but it's nice to be officially validated. And similarly, I'm glad that Dean (Jensen Ackles) is getting the answers he so desperately needs, too. He's been a bit of a shell of his former self all season-- soft from his time off, willing to work under someone else, susceptible to vampires (and who knows what else if his confidence wasn't kick-started tonight?). In an odd way, the pummeling of his brother's face wasn't only cathartic considering the season five finale, but also seemed to be the start of him really taking back the reigns.

Speaking of being in charge/in control, I really disliked seeing Sam and Dean join forces with their grandfather and his brood. For so long it was just the two lone wolves out on the road, fighting monsters, them against the world (and sometimes each other). They were fish out of water trotting after Gramps. Especially because he wouldn't let them in on anything; he wanted them to just follow blindly. And for a time they were content to do it because he's "family". But what does that word really mean? Their father was all the family they ever knew, and he never treated them like that. He told Dean the truth, for better and for worse, about what is out there when he was a young boy. Using that as his only frame of reference, he should have taken down Samuel the minute he saw he had been plucked from his afterlife.

And then there was the great Crowley (Mark Sheppard) reveal.

I always kind of wondered why in the great heaven/hell debate of previous seasons never included the purgatory discussion. I had decided that the show had left it out because in their version of things, our time here on Earth is almost equivalent to purgatory-- at least it seems so for these guys. So to hear the concept come up tonight, and to learn that it will play into the major arc for the season, is a real twist to the mythology. In all honesty, it piqued my curiosity, but I'm not sure that it can play out with the intensity of last year's battle to save the world.

What I also find curious is that demons are known to lie. So I'm wondering now how much of what Crowley was true and how much was just the outline of what Sam and Dean need to know at this point. He is the puppet master behind Samuel's torturing of these beings, but is the reason he gave the real one? He just needed to give them a motive; it didn't have to be the true or only motive.

That seems to be something weighing on Samuel's mind, too. After all, he said he had his reasons for allowing Crowley to lead him the way that he has been. It seems like he cut a deal, probably one that he thinks will end in getting his family back-- his real family: his wife and his daughter-- if he completes what Crowley has asked.

Maybe it's because I've always thought of Sam as the brother who should die at the end of the series, but the idea/arc searching for purgatory is much more intriguing than the one for Sam's soul. Either way, though, Dean is going to be constantly tested all season-- with what he believes about family, loyalty, and teamwork, as well as more tough decisions. And honestly, who thought there could be something harder than trying to fight his assumed destiny of becoming Michael's vessel?

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