Friday, December 3, 2010

2010: A Year In (Hottie) Review...

2010 kicked off what is soon to be an annual occurrence: My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's Hottie Awards. In looking at categories such as daytime television, primetime television, music, and sports, I brought to you weekly top ten lists of who I (and my readers) thought were the best in the biz. But those were all full of all-time honorees. When considering who was specifically hot this year, the list nearly tripled in size, and needless to say, quite a few that I fought for had to be left off the list. Consider them timeless honorable mentions :) But now I am happy to present to you, on this first of this month's weekly Year In Review round-up articles, The Top Ten Hotties of 2010!

10. Chord Overstreet. - He and his rock-hard abs strolled down the halls of McKinley High School (glee) and made Quinn and the audience in turn forget all about the mysterious bad boy allure of Puck. Though he is extremely vanilla in that "almost too good to be true" way, he has thus far been able to back it up. It helps that he stands up for his friends when they're being bullied, but it helps even more he has awesome pipes behind his handsome face and good hair. And did we mention the abs?

Michael Raymond-James. - Most of FX' audience doesn't watch a show because they find the leads attractive. But it helps! In Terriers, he makes every bad boy seem like they have a heart of gold and just need a strong role model to pull him out of his misfit behavior. He looks good circumventing the law, upholding it, or downright breaking it. He also looks good with a scowl or a smile.
Kris Allen. - Though he did not put out a new album this year, this former American Idol winner managed to stay on many minds, namely those of my Twitter followers! Due to overwhelming demand, he has made the list simply by the popular vote. Admittedly I didn't give him much thought this year since he wasn't making headlines with new singles or live performances, but I can admit a cute face like his never goes out of style!
Zachary Levi. - He pulled double duty this year, acting and directing, just like his Chuck alter-ego gets to live out two lives as a Buy More techie and super CIA spy. This was the year I finally started watching the show and naturally the year I, therefore, fell in love with the lead. But it is also the year his character finally grew up and became the hero his sister always knew he could be, which made him hot. And then the actor took animated form and became even hotter in my eyes. I always did have a thing for Disney princes!
6. Donald Glover. - On Community his character has always been something of a simpleton but he has that Joey Tribbiani factor that one can't ignore: it doesn't matter how much silly stuff he says, he's so adorable you let it slide. And during their Halloween episode, he proved he is so much more than a cute freshmen: he is downright hot and a hero in the making!

Daniel Dae Kim. - It should feel like forever ago that we watched him sacrifice himself to perish alongside the love of his life on LOST. But since he has stayed on the island to work in a new capacity-- as a member of the 5-0 task force on CBS' crime drama reboot-- it's hard to remember a time without him on my television. And that is a very, very good thing.
Joe Mangianello. - He used to just be the sixth wheel who would pop up every now and then on How I Met Your Mother, most notably spilling something on his shirt during Marshall and Lily's wedding. But that brief moment of shirtlessness spun into something oh, so much more when he was hired to go shirtless (albeit hairier) on True Blood. If it is anyone's year, it should be this guy's! He has made his mark on television viewers everywhere.
Ryan Reynolds. - He made the cut last year, and of course he would make it again this year. People Magazine finally honored him as their Sexiest Man of the Year, and he proved he was hot enough as an actor to manage to pull off carrying a film in which he was literally on his own (Buried). As if I didn't hate Scarlett Johansson enough already!
Jensen Ackles. - This year marked a wedding for the My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture favorite, as well as his directorial debut. He proved once again that he truly can make every situation just a bit hotter: from the preppy, slightly combed-over hair and tux of his special day to the baseball cap and soccer jersey of his week in the behind-the-scenes hot seat, to gym shorts and tennis shoes during an impromptu soccer game on a rare break in shooting!
Alex O'Loughlin. - A new champion has taken the title and the number one slot! That is truly a memorable moment in history in itself. But even moreso, this is the first year he really caught my eye. I admit I was part of the reason his previous shows may have failed, in that I never gave them the time of day and tuned in. But I am watching now! And the only thing that can rival the beautiful scenery of Oahu in Hawaii Five-0 is this man himself. Whether he's in a suit, a tight tee, or simply swim trunks.

Who warmed YOUR heart this year that may not have made the cut here? Sound off in the comments below! And be sure you bookmark this page and/or are following My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture on Twitter so you don't miss each week's Year In Review Round-Up category!

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