Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: A Year In (TV BFF) Review...

Apropos of nothing other than the fact that this week I seem to be all about "list" articles, I decided to take a look at the supporting characters of 2010, who in some cases could be considered "sidekicks," to see which ones have displayed the strongest actual support and therefore should be celebrated...

Eli from Glory Daze - Here is your stereotypical "wingman" type; he often uses humor (whether intentionally or not) to deflect an otherwise awkward situation. In that way he is what I imagine Chandler Bing to be just a few years before we actually met him as a grown-up living in New York City with all of his friends. Eli always manages to find trouble, too, but miraculously, he manages to get his friends out of it, selflessly thinking of their needs ahead of his own. And that is the true mark of a TV BFF: someone who is there to constantly aid and better the life of the lead. And the audience by extension. Eli, or Maverick, if you're still trying to make that happen, I salute you!

Tasha from Life Unexpected - Talk about selfless! Here is a girl who has literally put her best friend's needs ahead of her own time after time, and more than once to her own detriment. She is smart, spunky, and fun-loving, all of the regular qualities we'd want, plus she apparently has this innate ability to want to mother and protect her friend. When she is on your team, she is so for life: extremely loyal, bonded deeply, and proving it time and again with actions, not just verbal reassurance.

Morgan from Chuck - Raise your hand if your BFF knows all of your secrets. Now raise your hand if your BFF has actually kept all of your secrets, even the little, seemingly-insignificant ones. Well, Morgan has and then some. Not only has he stuck by Chuck after many years of unexplained disappearances and blowing off friends and work for his girlfriend, but once he learned the true reason for all of that, he jumped at the chance to get involved himself. He just wants to protect his buddy any way he can, whether its by covering for him at the Buy More when his tech call lasts a day instead of an hour or traveling around the world to bring him home after he's been kidnapped.

Troy and/or Abed from Community - These two were a toss-up, and in the end, I couldn't pick just one of them because they each have qualities you'd want in a best friend. Troy can be goofy and a prankster, and he loves to veg out and watch crappy movies, but he has also proven that he can be there for you in a jam and get your ass safely home after you've partied too hard. Abed, though, has the pop culture knowledge I look for when selecting people with whom I am going to converse. It's just no fun unless someone gets my references, and something tells me he and I could have a lot of fun trying to stump each other. But that's specific to me and probably only a handful like me...err, us. Abed is also a giant kid, which makes him a great friend to anyone because he would always be coming up with unique stuff to do, like making a film about whatever or a blanket fort. From fake talk shows to rapping (literally) about their classes to decorating each other like a Christmas tree, with them you know that if you said "wanna hang out," you'd end up doing something awesome.

Ellie from Cougar Town - Here is someone who will always tell you like it is, which let's face it, everyone needs in their lives but doesn't usually like to admit it. She's sarcastic and more times than not elitist, but towards your other friends and those you date, not you. In that way, she is the test everyone else needs to pass to be in your life: if she can be cool with them (even while pretending not to be), they are all right and will have your best interest in mind just as much as she does. Just think of her as a gatekeeper.

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