Friday, December 10, 2010

2010: A Year In (Writing) Review...

Well, 2010 has come and is now about to go, and though it wasn't all I hoped it would be, it certainly gave me the chance to expand my writing "career" through new gigs and a few really unique pieces. Here I look back on some of my favorites of the past year-- ones that were particularly fun to pen, as well as those that received spirited responses from my readers.

- After reading Amy Sherman-Palladino's new pilot script (that never got picked up), I consider which guy should return to be with Rory should a reunion movie ever get made.

"Mid-Season Checkpoint: Life Unexpected's "Teams"
(Archived from February 2010)
- An in-depth look at Baze and Ryan from the first season. My, how simpler times were back then!

"Will Wisteria Lane finally embrace change?"
(Archived from March 2010)
- The arrival of two new women on the lane (Drea de Matteo and Julie Benz) bring up some new issues and why playing them out may have ended in a newfound success for the series on its last legs.

"You won't want to keep up with THESE Joneses"

(Archived from April 2010)
- A rare break from my film review retirement because I was so outraged at the so-called message within this independent film. And I may have been the only one, but I stand by it after all this time.

"The new generation has the same old influences"

(Archived from May 2010)
- An op-ed essay comparing the phenomenon (and story structure) of glee to Saved by the Bell.

"Women My Friends Are Talking About: Frances Reid"
(Archived from June 2010)
- Memorializing the late, great Alice Horton through a column that I had planned to discontinue the previous year.

"Tales from a TCA virgin"
(Archived from July 2010)
- A recap of the best week of my television writing life.

"Report from the set: Community"
(Archived from August 2010)
- An account of the most fun (and slightly insane) set I've ever visited, with quotes from some of the new friends I made while there.

"An open letter to Lindsay Lohan"
(Archived from September 2010)
- I get a little sentimental, and very emotional, when thinking of what Lindsay Lohan could have been after seeing Emma Stone in Easy A. Too bad Lindsay doesn't seem to read much...

"Driven by a Code: The incredibly simple sameness of Dean Winchester and Dexter Morgan"

(Archived from October 2010)
- A character study of my two favorite men on television right now, proving I really do have a "type!"

"It's so hard to say Life Unexpected"
(Archived from November 2010)
- It only seems fitting to start and end a year the same way, doesn't it? When news came down that there would be no back nine for this little sentimental series, I reacted...well, emotionally.

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