Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Bewitched'...

The first two seasons of Bewitched aired the same Christmas episode, and it made it onto both seasons' DVDs. Weird or simply that good an episode??

"A Vision of Sugar Plums" featured Darrin (Dick York) bringing a young orphaned boy into his and Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery)'s home for the holidays. The boy tells them he doesn't believe in Santa, so Samantha uses a bit of her magic to prove to him that the man does exist. How, you may wonder? Why, she takes him to the North Pole, of course! And isn't magic what the spirit of this season is truly all about?

It's a motif used often with this show's holiday specials, as Samantha also takes a Scrooge of a client of Darrin's to the North Pole to teach him the true meaning of Christmas, too. But why not? If I had that at my disposal, I'd probably be up there every other day in December!

Man, that is so much better than my own mother's attempts by signing the Christmas card on my presents with her left hand!

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