Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'The Brady Bunch'...

Technically the 1988 Brady Bunch holiday special, "A Very Brady Christmas," was a made-for-tv-original movie, not merely an episode of the beloved series. However, when thinking of quintessential holiday programming, one must never leave this out. A reunion movie and a holiday one all wrapped up in, well, one, means instant interest from My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture!

It is one of those "obstacles to overcome" pieces that were so popular in the eighties when the Brady kids each have their own personal issues that may prevent them from going home for the holidays. While all of their individual struggles, namely the sad turn Alice's life has taken with her beloved Sam leaving her for some other woman, are tough enough, they quickly realize just how good they still have it when their dad gets trapped under one of his buildings, which has just collapsed.

True to the holiday spirit, a lesson about the power of love and family is learned. Throw in an aptly-timed Christmas carol, too, and a big family meal, and nothing gets you into the spirit faster!

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