Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Chuck'...

By the time "Chuck Versus Santa Claus" came around in the second season of Chuck, fans were already hooked by the hapless hero and quirky cast of characters that surrounded him. Seeing them dressed up in elf costumes (and one as Kris Kringle himself) was just frosting on the gingerbread cookies, so to speak.

In this wacky holiday episode, a man on the run from police crashes into the Buy More and holds everyone inside hostage, including Chuck, Sarah, John, Ellie, and Awesome. While Chuck tries to talk the even more hapless "criminal" through the situation, he also has to deal with some very real feelings for his fake girlfriend during this festive time. And then, of course, the bad guy turns out to be someone very different from who he appears and it is time for an evenunlikelier hero to save the day.

And for an added holiday bonus? Reginald Veljohnson and Tony Hale guest star!

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