Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Mama's Family'...

Mama (Vicki Lawrence) isn't who one thinks of when they think of Christmas cheer. After all, she always has her mouth tightly fixed in a scowl and a disapproving look in her eye about something. But in the third season of Mama's Family, which aired in 1986, she starts to come around while playing Santa Claus at the local mall. Yes, you read that correctly!

Sure, "Santa Mama" starts off like any old Mama's Family episode would, with Mama mad at her family-- this time because her husband's ornament has gone missing right before the holidays. But then Vinton (Ken Harper) loses his voice and can't carry out his obligation to play Santa for all the town's children, guess who steps in?

It's truly a Christmas miracle because rather than scare away all of the children, or tell them there is no such thing as Santa Claus, she takes to the task quite well.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem the good people at Warner Brothers think as highly of this episode as I do as they did not clear any clips for internet usage. Instead they have included a different episode on their new Christmas Classics DVD, as well. So I present to you another, different classic clip with a very special guest star who can (and has) stolen the spotlight even up against some really strong personalities and the opulence that has filled the holiday season.

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