Monday, December 20, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'...

In "Christmas and the Hardluck Kid," the first season's Christmas special of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the always personable and eager-to-please Mary volunteers to work during the holidays so the others from the station can spend time with their families. Only things get blown a bit out of proportion and she ends up having to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Needless to say, she begins to miss having her fellow co-workers around, especially on what is supposed to be the cheeriest day of the year.

This episode, though first aired in 1970, is timeless in its theme. Though things work out all right for Mary (as they always do), the very valuable lesson should still be learned by the viewers at home: the best gift you can give yourself at the holidays is to be with loved ones!

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