Monday, December 13, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Melrose Place'...

Melrose Place started the tradition of non-traditional holiday celebrations in its first year on air. Colored lights were strung up the courtyard banister of 4616 Melrose Place in Los Angeles California; eggnog was poured into little plastic glasses, and late night dips in the pool were taken.

But the most memorable holiday celebrations were not the ones where everyone was creating a makeshift family but instead were up to their usual tricks, despite the festive scenery. In season three,
"Holiday on Ice", Jo needs help from Matt regarding stealing her own child when Kimberly goes to the baby's grandparents and alerts them to the fact that the baby did not, in fact, pass away.

Ho ho...ho?

Meanwhile, the dearly departed Bruce comes to Amanda in a dream to make her face up to her bad behavior. It's a trippy, melodramatic version of
A Christmas Carol, and it's equal parts hilarious and ridiculous to see her have a change of heart. Because you just know it is in no way going to last!

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