Saturday, December 18, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: Nothing But The Classics...

A lot of things were different on television in 1956. For one thing, even married couples still couldn't be shown sleeping in the same bed together, and for another, they couldn't use the word "pregnant." But some things were inevitably, almost inexplicably the same. Children still had the same questions about just how Santa Clause would fit down a chimney by himself, let alone with a sack of toys (and a tree, too, in this instance).

On the I Love Lucy Christmas episode that aired in 1956, poor Little Ricky had to be sent to bed before any of the festivities could begin. But where he missed out, thankfully the audience got to take part!

The episode was one part clip show, as they flashed back to memories like the Ricardos learning they were about to be parents, and one part musical, as an always off-key Lucy (Lucille Ball) joins in with her husband (Desi Arnaz)'s caroling, but it is all fun as the family comes together to create the best Christmas ever.

Throw in a little bit of magic when a fifth Santa shows up in the kitchen, and you have all of the ingredients for a perfect holiday special. So which was the "real" Santa? We may never quite find out, but that's part of the charm, too.

The Christmas special aired in black and white and was later colorized for modern televisions, but I recommend watching the original because they never did figure out a way to get the green of the tree just right.

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