Wednesday, December 8, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'The O.C.'...

We're just past the half-way point in this experiment (are you guys tiring out or just about to hit the comfortable stretch?), and if you thought My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture was going to completely leave out Chanukkah, you'd be wrong! My mother was Jewish, but she seemed to love Christmas more than the Catholic side of my family. In our household, therefore, we celebrated Chrismukkah. But before we even knew that was a thing.

The O.C. was the show that brought the term-- and the idea that one kid could celebrate both holidays-- into the mainstream during the holiday season of 2003, during its first year on-air. While things seemed to be great for Seth Cohen, that's about where the holiday cheer started and stopped. Marissa's downward spiral went from minor shoplifting to budding alcoholism; Sandy may be too busy with a case to properly celebrate; and Kirsten finds some discrepancies with the accounting paperwork for the family.

But since it's the holidays, of course it all works out, at least for this particular hour. Even Marissa seems to be legitimately on her way to getting help at the end. Is it really a Christmas miracle, as Seth seems to think, though? It's definitely something to pull up via Warner Brothers or Netflix and check out to weigh in!

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