Tuesday, December 14, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Seinfeld'...

The final season of Seinfeld finally took on the holiday season, though they did it in as unorthodox a way as they tackled everything. “The Strike” was the introduction of Festivus, an alternative to Christmas or Hanukkah that revolves on a pole, that many still celebrate today.

Who can get through the holiday season without the Airing of the Grievances? Not My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture! Topping my list this year?

  • Receeding profit margins that mean decreases in my pay-per-views and pay-per-words on articles, meaning I work harder than ever and still earn less.
  • "News" organizations that pilfer their information from rumors or from other media sites without proper credit/confirmation.
  • People who don't return emails/phone calls in a timely manner-- or worse, people who don't return them at all, assuming the question/request will just go away. Or wait, people who leave really vague messages that just say "Give me a call" so I don't know how to prioritize.
  • Multi-part text messages.
  • Time Warner Cable.
  • The US Postal Service.
  • How the boom with Facebook and Twitter leads some to assume they have more of a relationship with someone than they really do simply because they can read things about that person's life.
  • Corporate America.
  • People who are too lazy to Google something but instead want you to answer their (very easy to research) question for them. What the hell would these people do if we still had to use volumes of encyclopedias to find answers to common questions??

Anyway, in a season four episode of Seinfeld entitled “The Pick”, the show did previously offer a glimpse at Christmas when Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) unintentionally sends a racy holiday card to all of her friends and family...which leads me back to my first point (man, I feel like the Putneys, pulling apart such a joyous occasion today!) and makes me want to add a grievance to that list: When holiday episodes don’t go all out and only feature one story line that is relevant to the season!.

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Ana said...

Even without realizing it, the last couple of years I've been celebrating Festivus!! This year I'll continue the tradition with my "airing of grievances", haha!