Friday, December 10, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: 'Supernatural'...

It's not quite Christmas cheer when you're facing down your last one on Earth, but Dean Winchester still managed to make the best of it by kicking some ass and drinking lots of eggnog in season three's "A Very Supernatural Christmas".

From the start of the season, the brothers were dealing with the fact that time was ticking down in Dean's clock, after he made a deal with the crossroads demon to give up his life to save Sam's. So there was a heaviness on this episode, the first holiday one they had ever even tackled. And they handled it with beauty and heart. We got to see the brothers as young boys and how they came to develop their celebratory rituals; we even got to finally learn the significance of the amulet.

Of course nothing can be traditional or orthodox when the demon-hunters are involved, though, and holidays, therefore, are no longer sacred. This particular extravaganza also featured Pagan Gods in giant, knitted holiday sweaters who marked their victims with special wreaths and then drained their blood so they could feed.

Festive, no? Or it at least makes you feel better about your own dysfunctional family traditions, now doesn't it??

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