Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Santa (aka MY Holiday 2010 Wishlist)...

Oprah taught us all that if we want something, all we have to do is throw it out to the universe. If we ask for it, and presumably if we are good enough, we will be deserving enough to receive. You can call it The Secret if you want to, but I just call it Santa Claus!

When I was a kid, I would often take my (multi-page) letter to Santa down to the mailbox on the corner by myself. I would throw a stamp on it and toss the envelope into the blue box sometimes without my mother's knowledge that it was signed and sealed already. And wouldn't you know it? Most of the items managed to find their way to me come Christmas morning!

Now, I'm not going to litter and toss a letter in a bottle into the ocean or tie one to a balloon and set it free; that would just be irresponsible. I'm not even going to write a real letter and drop it in a mailbox like I once did. But I
am going to put it out to the universe via the ether that is the Internet. And who knows? This time next year maybe most of these will be checked off as being wishes already granted!

This holiday season
My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture would like:

  • More money to be put into web content. Shows like My Generation and Life Unexpected, which were canceled by their respective networks earlier this year could find nice little, longer-term homes on the web, since the majority of their demographic watches TV that way anyway. But the current casts and production value assembled require more money than studios or even independent distributors can put into small, short-form projects. Also I have a few web-based ideas I would still love to get off the ground.
  • To be able to attend all networks' TCAs this winter. Otherwise coverage is more than a bit unbalanced.
  • To finally learn who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother. I'm hoping we will learn who she is sooner rather than later so we can see a good deal of the courtship before the show ends. After all, I need deep convincing as to just why anyone would want to end up with Ted!
  • Miss Guided to be finally released on DVD. Poor Kris Polaha: he picks fun, quirky scripts, and they don't find the audiences they should. And then they can't even really find new audiences later because the studios don't want to put money into releasing the DVD of an under-performing, short-lived series.
  • Amber Riley to sing a Mariah Carey medley on Glee. This was on my list last year, too, but thus far it still hasn't happened...
  • A Westmonte hoodie. ;)
  • More set visits. It's so much fun to catch creative talent in their own element, and it's so much more efficient to be able to conduct a bunch of interviews all at once and then just dole them out. Specifically, I would love to hang with the casts of Raising Hope, Franklin & Bash, Community (again), Chuck, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, Cougar Town, and The Big Bang Theory.
  • One of the prop Dexter blood slide boxes. I feel the need to keep reminding the universe I really, really want this. You know, in case the universe thought I was just being "cute" before...
  • An Angry Birds Wii game. Because, really, why not?
  • A Dexter Wii game. They have one for CSI, but personally I think it would be way more fun to get physical as Dexter Morgan attacking, and then hacking, his victims!
  • Terriers to get another season! It's such a smart, witty, fun series that gets little attention because it's on a not-well-known channel.
  • Dewey to be the killer in Scream 4. I have a theory and it's that after all of these years married life has gotten too mundane for Gale Weathers, former tabloid reporter. So in a really misguided attempt to spice things up, Dewey brings back to life the reason they got together in the first place. Think about this: all of the previous three pieces of the franchise featured major milestones for the characters as a couple, so shouldn't the fourth? And in an art-imitates-life sort of way, maybe they're separated when the film starts, and he just wants to get the spark back any way possible.
  • "Detox" to finally drop. I heard Dr.Dre hyping the project just last month, and he claims more than ever it's finally almost ready. He's actually happy with it, and I want to hear it! Even if it can't live up to all that hype.
  • To sell more copies of my pop culture memoir. There's really no further explanation needed, right? I wrote a book; I spent money to self-publish the book; I would like people to read it because I think it's an interesting story but also because I would like to be able to keep putting food on the table.
  • A full time job with an entertainment news site. Along the same note, I really miss being on a salary and not having to hustle to get paid but instead just being able to focus on the hustle for great content. So if you know anyone hiring, please let me know and I can send over links, samples, references, etc!
  • And, of course, world peace.


pinkgrapefruits said...

Better than having Life Unexpected on the web would be for the CW to un-cancel it, lol. But I'd settle for having it online; it's better than nothing! And a Westmonte hoodie would be cute too!

I want to know who the mother is too! They've kept us wondering long enough! And they can keep the show going once the mother is known so it's not like the reveal would be a death sentence for the show.

Your pop culture memoir is the book Stars in their Eyes, right? I actually own it! I haven't read it yet, but owning it is a start!

danielletbd said...

Hi there! My pop culture memoir is actually "My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture." It's a companion to this blog, and you can click the Buy The Book tab at the top of this website to learn more about it.