Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From LA Examiner: Nikki Heat storms 'Castle'; 'Southland' to return; and 'The Biggest Loser' doubles its size and the amount it will help...

The holidays may be a time to slow down and spend time away from our desks and with our families instead, but in the few days between Christmas and New Years, it has to be back to business as usual over at LA TV Insider Examiner. Here is what I have cooked up over the past two days for all of you fellow television fans!

"Nikki Heat isn't your typical Castle episode, but it's getting warmer"

For as self-satisfied and “kid in the candy store” as Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) usually is, the first episode back from
Castle's hiatus has him a bit down. First he is unhappy with the way Hollywood has bastardized his best-selling masterpiece of the written word, “Nikki Heat”, and then the actress who is to play his version of Beckett couldn’t seem to care less about him. Will he have better luck with the roguish leading man to walk in his shoes? Perhaps, but it will have to remain to be seen because our small televisions can’t handle all that handsome at once... [MORE]

"Shawn Hatosy, from one aggressive role to another, teases season three of Southland"

Shawn Hatosy may have last torn up the small screen as a creepy serial rapist, torturer, and killer on Showtime’s Dexter, but that role was just a break from the norm-- something he did in his “down time.” Usually, he is tearing up streets and tearing bad guys a new one as Officer Sammy Bryan on TNT’s cop drama
Southland. The series returns next week with all new cases and higher stakes both professionally, as well as personally, for the squad of LAPD officers just trying to make the city a safer place in which to live... [MORE]

"Southland returns to TNT with a bang...or ten"

The third season of Southland on TNT opens with quite an emotional bang. Not only is Officer John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) reeling from back problems and going through his prescription pills like candy, but the first case we are introduced to is through a highly emotionally charged high-speed chase for Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King). In hot pursuit of a suspect, we have no idea who he is or what he did, but we know it is going to be explosive. And judging from this season premiere episode, that is what we should expect from the season as a whole... [MORE]

"JD Roth says The Biggest Loser season eleven will help twice as many as usual"

If you tuned into the live Biggest Loser season ten finale from Los Angeles, you got a few sneak peeks at the upcoming season of the weight loss phenomenon program, which premieres next week on NBC. And if you saw it, you know the door is about to be blown off the ranch when it comes to gameplay and strategy. “The show is bigger than all of us,” Roth, no pun intended we’re sure, explained... [MORE]

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