Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hottie of the Week/One To Watch: Callard Harris...

I thought I had put my Hottie of the Week column behind me in 2009, opting instead for the Hottie Awards of 2010. It was an attempt to step it up a notch and create a real reason to feature gratuitous photos of attractive men on this site. For that reason, I'm not bringing it back in 2011. However, I am bringing a version of it to the site, perhaps not weekly but often nonetheless- one that can be unisex so that all talent can be shown off equally.

...And you know, so we can focus on actual talent and not just pretty faces! This little site is growing up!

"One To Watch" will feature those up-and-coming talents in whom I see particular spark and just know is going to be huge. The first one who needs to be mentioned is Callard Harris, currently starring as Reno on TBS' Glory Daze.

While visiting the Glory Daze set a few months ago, I was taken by now laid back and thoughtful Harris was while answering questions about the series and himself over lunch. He was more than accommodating and had a great sense of humor, and I was intrigued. Though he had a somewhat small role in the pilot episode, we have seen more and more of him as the first season has gone on. He brings a light and a charm to all of the wacky fraternity antics the guys get up to week after week, and he also manages to bring a level of wisdom-- both as an upperclassman character and as a seasoned professional actor. And that is most definitely a good thing, even in the over-sized bowling shirts he wears!

Harris is noted for his role on Sons of Anarchy, as well as for some guest spots on procedurals like CSI: Miami, proving he can and will willingly do any and all genres. There is no verdict yet on a second season of his current gig, but regardless of where his future may take him, it is most certainly going to be a bright one!

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