Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Life Unexpected' Coverage Round-Up Part Two...

It seems almost unnecessary and definitely bittersweet to release the part two of my handy little compilation of Life Unexpected coverage now, after the show has effectively come to an end. But in case you missed something-- or just want to relive how much the cast loved their experience-- here they are*.

This is certainly bittersweet for me because it is-- was-- really the only show that I covered as in-depth, and I met a lot of great new people and colleagues because of it. Quite frankly, the best part of my job is sharing why I believe in a show so much with those who are like-minded, and those who are not. Because if someone doesn't think a show is for them but then reads an interview I've conducted that makes them warm to an actor, they may be more inclined to check it out. And I'm all about that kind of "tell a friend to tell a friend" promotion. And learning those who worked on it actually believe in it just as much, if not more, was the frosting on the much needed cupcake.

The show wasn't perfect. Then again, what show is? Sometimes characters infuriated me; sometimes they broke my heart as much as they did each others'. Sometimes the network seemed to have too heavy a hand in the penning and pacing, and that infuriated me more. But all in all, my commentary (and even occasional criticism) meant I was deeply invested in the world.

No world is perfect, but I had to trust that those characters would come around-- and that other characters would help them see the error of their ways. The show started out being about a foster care kid and the biological parents who left her behind, but as it went on it proved to be so much more. It wasn't just about that kid learning to be a kid and to be able to trust the adults in her life for a change, nor was it just about the adults being forced to actually grow the hell up and take responsibility for themselves, let alone someone else: on a much broader level the show was about struggling relationships and the flawed people within them just trying to not make the same mistake twice. And every time they failed at that, they became a little more human and a little more of the underdog.

And you know how My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture loves a good underdog story!

The stars, both those on-screen and behind-the-scenes, shined really brightly here. Wherever they choose to go next, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture will follow! And I want a front-and-center seat!

*Articles are in descending chronological order.

Life Unexpected airs its final two episodes, back-to-back, on January 18th on The CW. My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture will be doing a live viewing, live Tweeting party. Details to follow!

What show should I cover as in-depth next? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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