Thursday, December 23, 2010

My 2010 Pop Culture Christmas List...

With only a couple of days left until Christmas, I realize that the holiday wish list I sent out into the universe (or to Santa, whichever you prefer) earlier this month took quite a turn. Just like Steve Martin in that classic SNL fireside chat, it started out with good intentions but ended up being all about me. So I guess now I'm going to pull a Cartman and squeeze some good in at the last minute...

This Christmas in the world of pop culture I would like:
  • Modern Family's Dylan to be so emotional from his break-up with Haley that he writes a song that becomes a viral sensation (more ballad-y than "Britta's a B," though) and hits it big. It may not change how Haley feels about him, but it will make Claire re-think how much of a loser he is. Plus we'd get to see Phil randomly wearing Dylan swag in various episodes.
  • Someone to slap some sense (maybe not literally; he seems to enjoy that too much) into Hank Moody. It's been four years and no one holds him accountable for all of the crap he pulls that not only hurts himself but also hurts his kid. (Californication)
  • Andy and April to stop dancing around each other and just do it already. You know what it is! I know I'm pretty curious to see if she's just as sullen when she's in love, but mostly I just want him to have reason to grin his big goofy smile more often. (Parks and Recreation)
  • A shiny new pair of boots for Kalinda (The Good Wife).
  • More Marshall and Lily-centric stories on How I Met Your Mother. Married people don't have to be bickering all the time unlike what traditional sitcoms taught us, and these two are so cute I find myself almost wishing they were a real couple in real life. They're the heart of this show, and right now they're taking the backseat to the increasingly showboaty Barney :(
  • A season two of Bandwagon simply because the combined talent of Emma Caulfield, Tracie Thoms and Yvette Nicole Brown is something that the world needs to see! We don't have to sit around and hope for Santa to make this happen, by the way; learn how you can help here.
  • Daphne to get her powers back on No Ordinary Family. Mostly because the twist is a giant contradiction to something said earlier in the script about how unlike the rest of the test subjects, the Powells' powers are permanent. Well, how permanent can they be if Fake Will just wiped them, hmm? But also because we want Fake Will to be exposed before Katie gets too deep into the relationship and gets hurt.
  • A boyfriend for glee's Mercedes. Most people might ask for one for Kurt but Kurt has enough going on and more than enough front-burner storylines. Mercedes has only dabbled in ones about weight-consciousness. Since this is high school, the only way to capture attention is through flirtation, it seems, so get her a guy. A hot one. Like a teeny-bopper Isaiah Mustafa. Or Dijon Talton so he can break out the way Harry Shum Jr has. You're welcome.
  • Another bottle episode for Community. They dabbled in taking the gang out of Greendale, and for me personally it just felt weird. Trap them in together-- in the study room, in a fort, in a classroom; that's where the comedy gold is. And have Shirley sing again, maybe with a little backing action from Troy (or should I say Childish Gambino)'s rap skills.
  • A good script for Kristoffer Polaha. He has a holding deal with CBS, and his last three shows, I thought, were really strong in their own ways but all sadly prematurely canceled. He has a knack for picking quirky, well-written scripts, but not ones that seem to hit with the wide audience the network needs to keep it on the air. I'd like him to stay on my TV for a long time. And you know, he's going to have three kids to feed soon so... really I'm thinking of the children!

Oh, and Santa, if you're reading this: I still want the things on my first list. I just think these are things many people can enjoy so maybe put these at the top of your To-Do. :)

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