Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Caged Heat" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- No one does acting against one's self like Jensen Ackles, but I'm eager to see Mark Sheppard give it a shot. #CagedHeat

- I don't like to hear babies OR puppies crying. Crowley only picked one. He's not the best torturer. #CagedHeat

- Poor powerless Dean. I don't like to see him be the bitch. I like to see him screw the bitch...well, you know what I mean. #CagedHeat

- NoSoulSam just made a joke? Where did he learn how to find humor? Continuity! #CagedHeat

- I MUCH prefer @MegMasters over Demon Meg Masters. If Castiel doesn't gank her for good tonight I'm going to lose it. #CagedHeat

- What a surprise: Sam wants to work with a demon. Again. He never learns. #CagedHeat

- Aw, I really wish they would do another Christmas episode. Their season three one was so twisted and great! #CagedHeat

- Cas doesn't like you, Sam; beg and maybe he'll throw you a bone. #CagedHeat

- How do you kill an angel? NoSoulSam's still not so smart. #CagedHeat

- I'm about to do something I've never done during#Supernatural before: stress-eat my feelings. Usually that's reserved for #realhousewives

- And there's @amygumenick in stock photo form. Hope she gets residuals when her image is used on screen! #CagedHeat

- I get that Samuel is new here but the idea of dealing with a demon to get a dead loved one back is SO REDUNDANT I can't take it. #CagedHeat

- I love Castiel. Always good for a laugh when I'm about to throw something at the TV. "It was there." #CagedHeat

- Evil eyes Samuel a doppelganger? I have so many things for Mitch Pileggi when he does the @IBGInc Conversation Series in the spring!

- This episode is darkly raunchy. I'm not quite sure what to do with that... #CagedHeat

- If Sam truly had no soul, he shouldn't feel the need to justify his kills. ESPECIALLY when they're of demons. #CagedHeat

- If Sam gets his soul back, he has to be fine. Jared can't handle the psychotic mental anguish. Not sorry; my opinion #herecometheunfollows

- For the record, I am loving what Jared is doing with NoSoulSam. But it's a far cry from the crazy that he should be when returning from hell

- Yes, Meg, cupcakes are exactly what we want. Always cupcakes! #CagedHeat

- Whether kissing Cas helps hold off the dogs or not, it's always worth doing! #CagedHeat

- I am loving the FX with the hell hounds. I really do love all things puppies. Even when they're killers and I probably shouldn't. #CagedHeat

- Stupid Samuel. #IMissBobby #CagedHeat

- Only Jared Padalecki could reach the ceiling to paint a devil's trap in blood. #SasquatchLives #CagedHeat

- I literally laughed out-loud hearing Crowley call Meg a whore. I think I dislike her more than I should. #CagedHeat

- Why does Sam want his soul back? It's not like he can feel what he's missing. And sleep? Overrated! #CagedHeat

- Crowley is getting meta! "Castiel, haven't seen you all season." Cheeky. #CagedHeat

- When I die, I want my bones salted and burned immediately. You know, just in case. #CagedHeat

- RT @Chico6: Don't mess with angels. They smite. #LoveCastiel

- Today I watched Jared Padalecki fight Milo Ventimiglia on ABC Family. I prefer him fighting demons. #CagedHeat

- Let him go, Dean. ...Though I do like to hear you yell his name. Not as much as I'd like you to yell mine but... ;) #CagedHeat

Closing Remarks: Down a demon, down a Campbell, still down a soul, but Supernatural is looking up!

I'm just going to come out and say it: I like NoSoulSam. I like how smart and sharp he is; I like how snarky, even when unintentional, he is; I like how he doesn't make mistakes anymore. I don't really want him to get his soul back, and I'm glad that he doesn't want it either. I don't think the show wants to put Sam-- or Jared Padalecki-- through the ringer the way they have Dean (and Jensen Ackles), but I wish they'd want Dean to snap out of whatever head funk he's currently in and get him back to his old fighting self. I know Ackles came under some heat recently for the way he talked about the direction the show has taken his character-- his quote was printed in full but without proper tone conveyed-- but I agree: Dean is a lot softer this year. Maybe soft isn't the best term to describe him, but he is most definitely powerless: following orders like a lackey. Even when he was following his dad's orders, he took some form of control, usually over his brother, but still, it counts! It's not a bad thing; it's just a different side to him. And perhaps it appears that much more extreme because Sam is so unbelievably hardened.

I don't know why Sam would want his soul back, and without his soul, he can read behavior because he isn't clouded by emotions, but he doesn't understand all behavior anymore. Therefore, he doesn't see the need for things like tact or empathy. So I'm glad he came out and told Dean the truth because to go through the motions to fight for something he doesn't care about would be pointless. Dean, though, is more ruled by emotions now than he has ever been, and that's what drove him to finally tell off Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) and what caused him to still scream after Sam.

The question for me now is if Sam does not sleep, can he die like a normal person? I've never encountered a story about a human walking around without a soul, so I don't know the rules. He didn't even seem affected by tearing into his own vein to smear blood on the ceiling to set a devil's trap...actually, he seemed a little invigorated by the feat. Without a soul, and therefore without the heaviness of feelings like guilt and anguish wearing him down, does that mean that he won't age at the rate of a normal person?

And since Sam has demon blood in his veins, and he bit his own wrist tonight, does that mean he relapsed back into his addiction?

And can we talk Samuel for a second? No one should really be surprised that he made the deal because he was told he would get his daughter back. And Dean of all people shouldn't be upset with him for doing it. He sold his own soul to save his brother, and when trapped in a dream-like state in which his mother was still alive ("What Is And What Never Should Be"), he wanted to stay. He isn't thinking clearly these days. My hope for him is that he gets a little time off so he can get his head on straight!

In fact, one of the things that he should be focusing on is his half-brother, Adam (Jake Abel). It was mentioned in "Caged Heat" that Lucifer and Michael were batting around Sam's soul down in hell. The worry was what that soul would do to Sam when put back in his body. But what if while they were getting the soul back, Adam climbed out of the pit? How changed would he be with no soul and what would he want to do to the guys in his bloodline that didn't even give a second thought to trying to pull him out sooner?

I will miss Crowley (Mark Sheppard), but just like how the Trickster (Richard Speight Jr) disappeared but didn't really die a couple of times, I don't know if I believe that Crowley is gone for good. At least, I certainly hope not. Without him the show might just drop the purgatory storyline, and that would be a shame. There's nothing I hate more than when a show weaves an intricate thread through the fabric of a season only to deny a pay-off. Or provide a lack-luster one (Michael using Adam as the vessel and the FX on the pit of hell, I'm looking at you!).

Alternately, I am hoping it's the last we see of Meg-- at least in Rachel Miner's form. I don't know what it is, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. She's way too stone-faced when compared with how Nicki Aycox portrayed her. I literally groaned when I saw the promo photos with her in them, and when I saw she'd get to make-out with Collins, I was just about livid. Women I would like to see come back, though? Missouri (Loretta Devine)! Cassie (Megalyn Echikunwoke)! The ghosts of Ellen and Jo (Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal)!

Meg as a character is a worthy opponent-- and tonight, asset-- for these boys, though. The character is interesting and I could condone her returning. But which actor should be the new meatsuit? Leave your choices in the comments; I'm still mulling this one over. Current frontrunner, though? Ackles' wife, Danneel Harris. She has yet to appear on the show, though she always hangs out on set with the guys. And her new NBC show doesn't have an airdate yet so...

And after that preview for next week's episode, I already have commentary forming in my head for the Tweetathon! Dean's new ring; Sam's "Heeerre's Johnny!" face...It's on!


Carol said...

Adam's soul is not in his body. In Swan Song when Dean said "Adam if you're in there I'm so sorry" Michael replied that Adam wasn't home, meaning his soul was no longer there. That's why it's not addressed in future's just a given that he's no longer there. Otherwise, I do think Dean would make some mention of it IMO.

I rather like Rachel Miner's Meg. It would be hard to follow in Nicki Aycox's shoes, and I think she's doing a great job.

I thought Dean was awesome last night. Yes, he had made a deal to save his brother, but he realizes the price tag now and was trying to point that out to Samuel. In no way do I view Dean as soft or weak, nor do I understand how other people see him that way.

I don't think we'll ever see Danneel Harris on the show. While most fans like her and are happy for her and Jensen, there is a small but very vocal hateful group of so called "fans" that are constantly cruel to her.

wen said...

I think Dean definitely had the right to be upset at Samuel. Like Carol said, he made a deal to save Sam but he has learned from that mistake and doesn't want other people to go down the same road.I also saw a moment of understanding and sympathy on Dean's face when Samuel explained about Mary. Not to mention the fact that when Dean made the deal he didn't betray anyone else, he just sacrificed himself(yes it kinda led to the apocalypse but he didn't know that at the time). Samuel on the other hand was willing to let his grandsons get slaughtered by demons. That's the big difference between the deals Samuel and Dean made.