Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From LA Examiner: ABC Shows Off Their New Talent of James Marsden, Jami Gertz, and the cast of 'Off The Map'...

Today is the first full day of Winter Press Tour panels and parties out in Pasadena, where I am up to my neck already in cable programming. More from that will be coming over the next few days, but for now, please enjoy these previews of a couple of ABC's programs :)

Sometimes ABC buries the lead. Tonight's episode of Modern Family is entitled "Slow Down Your Neighbors" in order to focus on Claire (Julie Bowen)'s newfound neighborhood vigilante attitude when she focuses all of her anal, controlling, obsessive behavior on finding out who is driving the car that speeds through her quaint little streets. The very streets on which her kids ride their bikes! ... [MORE]

It’s kind of hard to imagine where Off The Map can go after its pilot episode featured its young doctor ziplining to a rescue on her first day on the job in the jungle, as well as a whole family dying of tuberculosis, and two seasoned professionals jumping off a cliff to save a tourist with a stingray stuck in his ankle. With such elevated, somewhat fabricated, stakes like that it’s hard to get too invested in the characters when they seem so muted compared to the over the top scenery and scenarios... [MORE]

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