Thursday, January 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: All Things 'Archer'!...

"Aisha Tyler talks all things Archer (and a little Black Ops & Thirteen)"

Last night the Paley Center for Media right here in Los Angeles held a sneak peek panel and party for the second season of FX’ prolific animated spy series, Archer. LA TV Insider Examiner was on the scene to chat with the cast prior to the event’s official start and then sit in on the screening (of the series premiere “Swiss Miss,” as well as an upcoming episode called “Pipeline”). Archer is the kind of show for which you definitely need a DVR: even if you are just watching the episodes home, alone, you will inevitably miss something funny and clever because you were still chuckling over the last funny and clever happening. And last night that proved to be more than true when we screened the episodes in a room of about one hundred and fifty other diehard fans, as well as those who worked on the show... [MORE]

"Chris Parnell on Cyril Figgis (Archer): Maybe no longer a sex addict but a dad??"

Last we saw Cyril Figgis (FX' Archer) he had pretty much went through the entire ISIS agency-- or at least the half with two X chromosomes. Sterling's sloppy seconds or otherwise. Okay, let's face it, mostly Sterling's sloppy seconds! But when we had the chance to catch up with Cyril himself, Chris Parnell, in Los Angeles at the Paley Center for Media's sneak peek at season two, he shared that things may turn around...just not necessarily for the better... [MORE]

Adam Reed is thrilled his half-hour animated comedy about a super secret government agency of spies, Archer, is on FX, and more importantly that it’s coming back for a second season. The showrunner shared with LA TV Insider Examiner that originally his agents told him he couldn’t walk into a network and pitch a period piece show, and while that may be true of broadcast, cable has embraced him.... [MORE]

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