Friday, January 28, 2011

From LA Examiner: Amazing Cameos on 'The Office' and 'Childrens Hospital'...

"The Office Face-Off: Michael Scott vs David Brent"

Say what you will about The Office this season-- and believe us, we have heard a lot! Not enough Jim and Pam; Dwight is getting too mean; the show can't survive without Steve Carell; etc etc etc. For the record, we don't necessarily agree with all of those points, but it is the commentary sent our way. Anyway, say what you will about The Office this season, but tonight it superceded our wildest expectations with a cold open sure to be heard around the watercooler. If the watercooler still existed. Instead, it has been heard around Twitter... [MORE]

"Rob Corddry previews who will be admitted to Childrens Hospital this season"

Earlier this month when LA TV Insider Examiner attended the Adult Swim and Childrens Hospital presentation at the winter press tour in Los Angeles, we had a really hard time trying to decipher what was going to happen in season three of the web-turned-TV series and what was just a stage full of comedians having fun at the reporters' expenses. So we were more than thrilled when we got to visit the set of Childrens Hospital yesterday to see if we could get the record set straight when we were one-on-one with the cast members... [MORE]

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