Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From LA Examiner: Ben McKenzie on 'Southland'; 'Life Unexpected' Finale Love From Cast & Creator; 'Raising Hope' Renewed; What Is 'Terra Nova'?...

“I think this will be very evident in the episodes that will air on TNT this year, but there’s a lot of unexpected humor, you know, a serious situation that has a really, really funny thing at the heart of it,” he continued. “There’s a scene…[coming up in which I encounter] a guy who’s bleeding from his arm and he says his girlfriend has cut him. And they-- where she’s just in the car down the block, and we go down, and it’s a blow-up doll"... [MORE]

"Preview Life Unexpected's final two episodes"

Okay, there’s still a week left before the final two episodes of Life Unexpected air, but since LA TV Insider Examiner has missed the show so much during the holiday hell-atus, we know you must be feeling the absence, too. So we wanted to share with you some previews for the two-hour finale, airing on The CW on January 18th... [MORE]

"Martha Plimpton "absolutely thrilled to get a second season for Raising Hope"

During the winter press tour in Pasadena CA today, FOX announced that their breakout half-hour comedy Raising Hope has been officially renewed for a second season. “Raising Hope has emerged as a comedy standout,” President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly stated. “[It is] wickedly smart, hilarious, and full of heart. Greg Garcia and his great cast have established an appointment show on Tuesday nights this season, and we’re confidant it’s just the beginning of great things to come" ... [MORE]

"TCA Preview: The Chicago Code"

The Chicago Code won’t premiere until early February, but LA TV Insider Examiner is already excited about it! How can we not be after today's winter press tour panel featuring the cast and creators? Read on for some of the highlights to get a better feel for the cast of characters and be sure to subscribe to this page so you don’t miss our advance review of the pilot episode! ... [MORE]

"What is Terra Nova? FOX offers a few more details"

Terra Nova is not out to be the next LOST, but it looks pretty damn epic nonetheless. LA TV Insider Examiner got the chance to screen a few minutes of footage from this extremely underwraps show during winter press tour earlier this afternoon in Los Angeles, and we can share a few things. One, the score is feature-film inspired and emotionally epic in and of itself. But furthermore, the series, which deals with time travel in an effort to save humanity’s future, is more of a character ensemble than a creature drama... [MORE]

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