Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From LA Examiner: Betty White's Reign Continues; PaleyFest Panels Announced; Jason George's Personality Pops; 'Face Off' Demonstration in LA...

"On the Hot in Cleveland set with Betty White"

Betty White is eighty-eight years old and working harder than ever. Not only has she committed to a full second season of TV Land’s breakout hit original sitcom, Hot In Cleveland, but she is also working on two new books simultaneously. It makes LA TV Insider Examiner exhausted just thinking about it and we’re…well, we’re not eighty-eight! ... [MORE]

The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles has announced their lineup for their annual PaleyFest festival event. Once again taking place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, the two weeks of fan favorite and acclaimed programming panels will begin on March 4th and continue through the 18th. The theatre features 1900 seats, but many of these panels are expected to sell out—and immediately—so you won’t want to wait to claim your seats... [MORE]

There was a time in Jason George (Off The Map)’s life when he was headed for law school. That’s right, the veteran Shonda Rhimes star who got his start in soaps originally planned to work for a Supreme Court Justice that he knew in Virginia. The plan was to go to school and work hard, and go straight to work for that guy, but plans with such well-meaning intentions tend to go awry. For George, that happened when he took his first acting class while enrolled in undergraduate classes. He jokes now that it all went downhill from there, but with a new drama on ABC, we think he’s more than doing okay! ... [MORE]

"Syfy to demonstrate the art of Face Off in Los Angeles"

Syfy’s Face Off, a new competition reality series that will showcase the artistry of special FX make-up, exploring the world of these pros and the unlimited imagination which allows them to create amazing works of living art, will be doing a live demonstration at the Grove in Los Angeles at this time tomorrow! ... [MORE]

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