Friday, January 14, 2011

From LA Examiner: The Cast of 'Mad Love' Attracts Great Guests; The CW Attracts Girl Power...

"Alan Tudyk and James Franco to guest star on Mad Love"

There are a lot of half-hour romantic comedies coming to mid-season network television, but the one LA TV Insider Examiner is most excited about is Mad Love on CBS. And we’re not shy about that fact! In fact, we shared it openly and honestly with each of the four core castmembers when we sat down in Los Angeles to conduct promotional interviews during CBS' TCA day... [MORE]

"The CW wants to be known for kick-ass girl power"

There was much ado made at the CW “Kick-ass Women” panel at TCA day about the physicality of kicking ass. And while it’s always good fun to talk stuntwork with actors who often have to go above and beyond their comfort zones with fight-traning, harness and weapons work, and intense choreography, that title really means so much more. It's not just about taking on vampires or werewolves or Division agents; it's about being confident and self-sufficient and standing up for themselves as strong women... [MORE]

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