Monday, January 24, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Castle' and 'Chuck' Turn Up The Suspense; Meaghan Rath Promises A Darker Side of 'Being Human'; Go Behind-The-Scenes w/Community...

"Tonight's Castle will have you on the edge of your seat with suspense"

Are you the kind of active viewer who yells things at the television while tuning into the newest episodes of high drama? Well, then prepare to have a sore throat in the morning because tonight’s episode of Castle is a doozy! ... [MORE]

"Being Human’s Sally is sweet but Meaghan Rath promises to delve darker"

“She’s on a huge journey, and one thing that I love about the character so much is that she starts off one way and ends up in a completely different place,” Syfy’s Being Human series star Meaghan Rath confided to LA TV Insider Examiner during a phone interview last week... [MORE]

"Want to go behind-the-scenes with your faves from Community?"

When LA TV Insider Examiner is feeling particularly giving (or when we have enough advance notice), we always head over to Twitter and ask our followers and fans of the shows about which we write to submit questions for their favorite stars. Well, now Community is cutting out the middlemen (i.e. entertainment reporters like me) and just taking questions directly... [MORE]

"The women in Chuck's life to team up TONIGHT on NBC"

If you thought things weren’t looking so good for Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi)’s lady love after she announced her plan to go undercover to take down Volkoff (Timothy Dalton) in last week’s episode of Chuck…well, you’re not going to be so happy with tonight’s episode either... [MORE]

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