Thursday, January 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: The CW's Eye-Candy Returns (And Adds A New One!)...

Some fans of The Vampire Diaries are head over heels in love with the newest werewolf on the block, Tyler (Michael Trevino), and some are simply saddened by him and how “unlucky” he seems to be. After all, he didn’t have the easiest upbringing; he lost his father a year ago; his friends betray him; and he unwittingly unlocked a family curse that turned him into one such wolf. Hardly just another day in the life, right? ... [MORE]

After a long winter, The CW is finally ready to give us new episodes of Nikita. Perhaps they hoped the long absence would give us time to adjust to the major changes from the last few episodes, most notably the somewhat senseless death of Thom (Ashton Holmes). Oh, please don’t be upset we just reminded you! And to make it up to us The CW is giving us a new potential love interest for Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), and to make it up to you LA TV Insider Examiner is giving you a first look at the character, as seen through the eyes of his portrayer, Thad Luckenbill... [MORE]

It feels like a long, long time since we here at LA TV Insider Examiner got to sit down and write about Supernatural. We mean more than just the weekly live-Tweet-a-longs we do for the west coast airings. But just because we’ve fallen a little silent with preview commentary doesn’t mean we haven’t been following the show in all of its post-pit world. And all of this time away has only made the expectations for the return episode, “Like A Virgin,” grow exponentially in our minds. Lucky for us, the episode more than delivers! ... [MORE]

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