Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From LA Examiner: Interview with the Vampire from 'Being Human', the Creators of 'Life Unexpected' and 'The Good Wife', and An Oprah Protege...

Syfy’s version of Being Human just premiered last night, and it gave a taste at what’s to come for the characters who might have some supernatural abilities but also have some very real problems. LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with Sam Witwer, the brooding vampire Aidan who gives into temptation nearly immediately in the premiere, despite making claims that he wants to live a normal life, to ask him what we can expect from the future episodes for the show and for his character... [MORE]

Tonight’s the night! Yes, it is a nice of smiles, of tears, of warm hearts, and of good friends-- both real and reel. It is the night Life Unexpected airs its two-hour finale event on The CW... [MORE]

The second season of The Good Wife is something of a marathon for showrunners Robert and Michelle King. With twenty-three episodes in total, they have a lot of ground to cover, both across the legal profession with interesting cases and with the personal lives of Alicia Florek (Julianna Margulies) and her family and co-workers. Everyone knows the key to surviving a marathon is endurance; if you sprint out of the gate you may lose steam pretty easily. But somehow The Good Wife has managed to defy those odds, coming hard every week with dramatic stakes and a unique perspective... [MORE]

"Ryan O'Connor's "Oprah journey" will hopefully allow him to save pop culture"

"Pop culture is in a state of emergency!" That is what Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star finalist Ryan O'Connor declared to LA TV Insider Examiner during a phone interview earlier today. And don't we know it?? But don't worry; O'Connor has plans to rectify that, with a little help from his new pal Oprah Winfrey... [MORE]

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