Thursday, January 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: NBC's Three-Hour Comedy Block Previews, Plus FX' Comedic Spy Stylings of 'Archer' To Return...

Community (and Malcolm Jamal Warner)'s return to Thursdays at 8"

The last time LA TV Insider Examiner got to chat with Yvette Nicole Brown from Community, she was making her pitch for who she wanted to play her on-screen family, should that moment ever present itself. For the record, she name-checked Sherri Shepherd, Craig Robinson, and Malcolm Jamal Warner, and wouldn’t you know it? Only a few months later, one has already made it onto the show! Warner will be appearing in the brand new episode of Community airing tonight, “Asian Population Studies,” as Andre, Shirley’s ex-husband... [MORE]

"Ron Swanson unleashes his pyramid of greatness on Parks and Recreation TONIGHT"

Who knew that in an ensemble comedy filled with performers who are loud and at times abrasive, the one who would stand out the most, and cause the most fan reaction, would be the quiet, dry, subtle one—the one who just wants to blend in so he doesn’t have to actually get any work done? But Ron Swanson, aka Nick Offerman, and his mustache really has become legendary in his own right. LA TV Insider Examiner managed to steal a few minutes with Offerman on the set of Parks and Recreation in Los Angeles last week in order to talk about the evolution of the soon-to-be iconic character and how much fun he’s having portraying him... [MORE]

"David Walton is half of two very special Perfect Couples"

If you blinked, you probably missed David Walton’s last NBC sitcom, 100 Questions, but he is certainly hopeful that won't be the case with his new one, Perfect Couples, which is sandwiched in the three-hour Thursday comedy night the peacock network is beginning tonight... [MORE]

"Archer season two turns up the wit and may just mature a bit"

LA TV Insider Examiner doesn’t usually report on animated programs. It’s not that we don’t enjoy them, but just like with reality television, there are specific Examiners designated to cover those types of shows, and we don’t like to step on anyone’s toes. However, the return of Archer on FX is just too good for us to ignore! ... [MORE]

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