Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Parks and Recreation', 'Cougar Town', 'Mr. Sunshine', 'Mad Love' & 'Community': Comedies Done Right, Across Networks and Nights...

"Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson teaches children about greatness and failure"

It's only Tuesday. That means there are still 48 hours before Thursday night unveils its second-ever three-hour comedy block. We're excited already; aren't you??
Parks and Recreation gave us a taste at Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)'s essential characteristics to become a great man last week, but what you didn't see was how he gave his Pee Wee basketball team the homework assignment of creating their own. Something tells us he won't be happy until he undoes all of the "sharing and caring" these boys learn in elementary school! And we're quite okay with that, by the way... [MORE]

"Cougar Town brings out the big kid in all of us!"

Cougar Town gave us the soon-to-be national pastime of Penny Can, but by now some of us ADD-generation viewers may be looking for the next fad, amIright? Well, look no further! Cougar Town is about to deliver again with a new, somewhat more adult, version of hide-and-seek tonight in “Lost Children.” ... [MORE]

"Mr. Sunshine reunites Matthew Perry and James Lesure"

LA TV Insider Examiner hopes you all remember a little show from Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The behind-the-scenes at a late-night sketch show within the show drama was sadly short-lived, but it still managed to inspire longer-term relationships. First and foremost was the one between Schlamme and series star Matthew Perry, who are now bringing ABC Mr. Sunshine, but also was one between Perry and James Lesure... [MORE]

"Jason Biggs previews Mad Love's Valentine's Day premiere"

CBS announced this morning that their new romantic comedy Mad Love will be premiering a week earlier than originally planned. The bump up is perfect marketing for the series about young men and women in New York just trying to find love, as its first airdate is now February 14th, Valentine’s Day. So whether you’re heading out with a significant other that evening or staying home with a bottle of wine, you’ll want to set your DVR for this one! ... [MORE]

"Community delivers a Very Special (anti-drug) episode"

On a weekly basis when LA TV Insider Examiner isn’t lucky enough to have a screener for the new episode of Community, we take quite a bit of pleasure in taking a look at all of the promotional photos and trying to make sense of them for ourselves. No matter what kind of wacky story line we create in our own head, we know Dan Harmon has created one ten times better on script…and then on screen... [MORE]

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