Thursday, January 13, 2011

From LA Examiner: Previews for Next Week's Premieres of 'Parks & Recreation', 'Being Human', 'The Cape'...

"Preview 'Parks and Recreation's return; Let's all say it together: "Finally!"
The new season of Parks and Recreation opens with a “Meet Leslie Knope” refresher that, at first glance, appears to be some sort of unorthodox dating profile video for the colorful character played by Amy Poehler. While that would certainly be a unique and interesting turn of events, it very quickly proves to just be a relatively cheeky “previously on” montage-- cheeky because the first few episodes were shot right after the final moments of the previous season to account for Poehler’s pregnancy. So how could any of them forget?? But for the rest of the audience, the refresher course is also a nod to the fact that the show, which returns next Thursday, January 20th, as part of NBC’s new three-hour comedy block, really should have returned in the fall... [MORE]

"Being Human cast and producers rely on character to drive their adaptation"

Anna Fricke, one of the executive producers of Being Human, shared with the TCA today that she and partner Jeremy Carver did not watch more than the first season of the British version of the series before embarking upon their own version. The reasoning was that they wanted to be able to break off from the characters and do their own stories. There are no plans to copy the series but instead take the premise as a jumping off point... [MORE]

"The Cape to take on relationships, sci-fi, goth, maybe even an X-Files homage"

For thousands of little fanboys out there, the very first introduction to the world of fantasy or superheroes or genre in general is that moment of taking a towel or old sheet and tying it around their necks like a cape. NBC's newest hour-long drama,
The Cape, therefore, has that nostalgic, "pulp" feel to it because the man at the center quite literally does the same thing, only years after his adolescence is over... [MORE]

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