Monday, January 10, 2011

From LA Examiner: Previews of ABC 2011-2012, Gilles Marini on 'Castle', Season Two of 'Love That Girl', 'Harry's Law' & 'Being Human'...

"Castle continues its great guest star streak with Gilles Marini"

You've seen Gilles Marini don tight black pants and shimmy across the stage on Dancing with the Stars; now prepare to seem him on stage in silver silk in tonight's episode of Castle! If you were wondering how they could possibly top two Becketts in last week's episode, we think this is a pretty great follow-up... [MORE]

"Tatyana Ali and Alphonso McAuley (Love That Girl) are proud to be a part of TV One's movement"

It can be hard for a child star to come into his or her own as an adult actor, but Tatyana Ali, with her TV One series, Love That Girl, returning with its second season TONIGHT at 9pm, proves it can be done with grace and dignity... [MORE]

"Harry's Law is nothing we haven't seen done before, nor better, by its creator"

They say that the best thing you can do for yourself is find the one thing you’re good at when you’re young and stick to it so you can have a long and profitable life. David E Kelley seems to have taken that to heart years ago: he made a name for himself in this industry as the “quirky legal show guy” and he gripped tightly to that title and won’t let go, even when it’s years later and he is strangling the life out of the genre... [MORE]

"ABC announces renewals for the 2011-2012 season"

This morning at the ABC winter press tour in Pasadena CA, the alphabet network announced early pick-ups of just about all of their long-time programming. President of Entertainment Paul Lee spoke the highest praise of Wednesday night lead-in comedy, The Middle calling it "underrated" and crediting it with really jump-starting that evening right. The Middle was, of course, in the list of shows picked up for the 2011-2012 season. Similarly, Modern Family and Cougar Town were announced as returning, as well, with Lee saying that latter series really found its stride... [MORE]

"Is there a worse curse than Being Human?"

Being Human, the new paranormal drama about twenty-somethings on Syfy, asks us to consider vampires and werewolves and other surrealistic beings as simple addicts: people who have desires and urges that need to be curbed, curtailed, and controlled in order for them to live normal lives. It portrays its lead characters as morally decent beings who were handed a raw deal in life. The truly decent thing to do, so they don’t hurt anyone else, though, would be to end their own-- or each other’s lives. But that is not how the human brain works. And although they have some monster-like characteristics, they were all fully human once, and they are mostly civilized now... [MORE]

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