Sunday, January 9, 2011

From LA Examiner: Sunday is Still Showtime's Night...

If you’re looking for some more convincing to tune into the series premiere of Matt LeBlanc's new comedy on Showtime tonight at 9:30pm, look no further! The show, entitled Episodes features the former Friends star as a version of himself, taking a new job on a British-turned-American comedy about a boarding school. So exactly how will the show blend the sensibilities of two very different countries? Read on for a little behind-the-scenes look at the humor and chemistry of the group behind this new, "not your typical Hollywood" comedy... [MORE]

"Showtime's Shameless: Worth a second look"

Looking back on the advance review we posted last week for Showtime's new working-class drama,
Shameless, we realize we were pretty harsh. Yes, the series starts off with a pretty depressing scenario, but it really does showcase great heart. Our feelings encompassed our initial reaction from screening just the first hour of the series, and admittedly our judgment was a bit clouded from the sucker punch to the gut the show delivered. Shameless is strong in its viewpoint, which can be polarizing, but in truth it is strong in its characters, too, and for that we wanted to take a second look-- to give them the fair shake they don't seem to get within the landscape of the series... [MORE]

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