Sunday, January 16, 2011

From LA Examiner: Ultimate Modern Women of 'Nikita', 'Hellcats' 'Vampire Diaries', 'Smallville', 'Episodes' & 'Shameless' Share Secrets...

"Nikita, Hellcats, Vampire Diaries spoilers: Because you asked for them!"

The CW presented some of its programming at winter press tour this past week in a new and exciting way than usual (and than most networks do): by parading the "kick-ass" women of said programs in front of the press. While the panel of strong characters inspired a discussion about stuntwork and female unity, naturally they were asked for some spoilers, too. We're not usually in the business of spoilers, but since most of you Tweeted to us that you wanted to know what was going to happen on your favorite shows, we are indulging! Here is the run-down... [MORE]

"Tamsin Greig was eager to "play" with Matt LeBlanc on Showtime's Episodes"

Like the successful British writer that she portrays in Showtime’s newest comedy Episodes, actress Tamsin Greig’s first real foray into LaLa Land is with this project. Beverly comes across the pond to adapt her critically acclaimed “Lyman’s Boys” for American television, while Greig actually shot Episodes in the U.K. with the knowledge that it was being produced for both the BBC and Showtime. Its appeal in Los Angeles is not just because of its Hollywood backdrop or because of long-time favorite and finally returning small screen star Matt LeBlanc, but because of the colorful cast of characters assembled here. Greig definitely goes head-to-head with LeBlanc in that regard and steals many a scene with a simple facial reaction to his shenanigans... [MORE]

"Shameless' Fiona is the epitome of the modern woman and also the show's moral center"

Showtime’s newest drama Shameless is out to push boundaries, according to network president of entertainment, David Nevins. That’s not really a surprise to anyone who tuned into the premiere last weekend, nor anyone who is familiar with the premium cable network’s particular brand of programming. Pushing boundaries is so old hat to them, perhaps the only thing that should come as a surprise about Shameless is that it truly does have a moral center in the character of Fiona... [MORE]

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