Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: Weekly 'Modern Family & 'Cougar Town' Previews; Zach Gilford Sheds Jerseys For Scrubs; Advance Reviews of TVLand Original Sitcoms...

On tonight’s episode Modern Family we get an inside look at another one of Phil (Ty Burrell) and Clarie (Julie Bowen)’s anniversaries. Last year things went awry when Claire struggled to find a good gift for her husband but this year it’s a little more horrifying than that. Though the kids have good intentions of bringing their hard-working parents breakfast-in-bed because they are so hard to shop for-- or they probably are; the kid don’t know because they’ve never tried-- their plan backfires when they catch their parents in the act... [MORE]

"Cougar Town to pit guys against girls to test who are the true BFFs"

Tonight on Cougar Town, sometime series director Michael McDonald resumes the post that first made him famous: in front of the camera as a guest star who is sure to win Jules (Courteney Cox) and friends for supplying them with their life-support: vino. In “A Thing About You,” the guys spend the episode arguing that they are the most loyal to their friends; Bobby (Brian Van Holt) and Andy (Ian Gomez) go so far as to “tattoo” half of the word pals on each of their arms. Take that, best friends’ necklaces!... [MORE]

For those fans of Friday Night Lights and Matt Saracen, you may not recognize Zach Gilford when he rolls into the jungle as new doctor Tommy Fuller. He isn’t down; he doesn’t seem to have had a hard life; if anything, he seems like the kind of guy to whom everything comes easy. And for Gilford, those are the exact things that attracted him to the role. After all, the fun of acting is to stretch and challenge yourself and not get stuck pigeonholed as variations of Matt Saracen versions 2 or 3 or 7.0... [MORE]

"Hot in Cleveland's second season starts with a healthy dose of heart"

LA TV Insider Examiner must admit it: when we first saw the previews for Hot In Cleveland we didn’t think it would be our type of show. TVLand’s regular demographic is adults 40-54, and until recently their highest rated program was reruns of The Andy Griffiths Show (it has since been taken over by reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond). However, the stellar cast of names from our youth was too good to pass up, and we gave it a shot in what turned out to be a record-breaking, and mind-changing, first season. Now Hot in Cleveland is back for a second round, and just when we thought they couldn’t surprise us anymore, they went and did it again... [MORE]

"Retired at 35 is like an old-school sitcom in slow motion"

Johnathan McClain looks too young to be playing a guy who quits his job at age thirty-five and trades his business suits for sweat suits to move down to Florida where his parents are retired themselves. In truth the actor, who has been working for the last two decades, is actually forty (or so he claims) and relishing in his first real lead role in TV Land’s new original sitcom, Retired at 35. It is a show that gets off to a stereotypical start in terms of humor but mixes in modern elements through characters... [MORE]

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