Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey Dan Harmon: Stop Stealing From My Childhood!...

It was odd enough to meet Abed and realize he used all things pop culture to relate to life the way I had grown up doing so. But then last night on Community Annie put on an anti-drug play for a local middle school, featuring a crayon, some bumble bees, and cool cats. Errrr, what?

I was a cool cat! Not in college, but in kindergarten, and still in some version of an anti-drug play. We did a performance about health, and there was a big portion devoted to not smoking. It was ironic because my kindergarten teacher smelled more like cigarettes and moth balls than even my own grandmother... But anyway we had homemade costumes with little fuzzy cat ears (sadly no leather jackets, though), and we sang and danced to a number called "Smoke Is No Joke."

I may not have been tripping balls while watching "Celebrity Pharmacology" last night, but I still experienced wicked flashbacks nonetheless!

Poor Jeff and Britta: their embarrassing performances can be forever captured on YouTube., to be passed around their friends and shown to their future children, and probably to go viral. Thankfully mine is only captured on a grainy, distant old VHS. And since no one actually has VCRs anymore, only a handful of my current friends can hold it over me!

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