Friday, January 28, 2011

I Squee For A Good List...

Many of you know I have contributed to a number of different websites over the past few years that I have been focused on writing, but one that I have a lot of fun with is a relatively new site called SqueeTV that was started by a friend and ex-TV Guide reporter, Erin Fox. It's not a news site but a place to find unique recaps of some of your favorite shows, fun photo galleries, interviews with television talent, and a countdown to Los Angeles area fan events, such as PaleyFest and Creation Entertainment's conventions. And now also, quite a few new "list" articles!

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture is no stranger to a good list piece (um, hello Hottie Awards!), I admit that at times they are just gratuitous. But my last few pieces for Squee have been much more newsworthy list items! From songs I want glee to take on (and which characters should perform them) to the top ten reasons to be excited about this third season of Parks and Recreation, I think there may also be a little something for everyone. So please click on the links below to head over to Squee and check them out!

"Casting the new Wonder Woman"

NBC announced they picked up David E. Kelley's penned reboot of the hit Glamazonian superhero, and I wanted to weigh in with a few of the pretty and talented ladies who should be in the running. Fun parlor game: try to figure out which of the seven names was submitted by my editor for consideration...

"Welcome Supernatural back with a mini-marathon"

Just in time for the new episodes of Supernatural to (finally!) return, kicking off a couple of very special, very unique fan events here in Los Angeles, I look back on my five favorite fan-oriented episodes from the first five seasons. In a few weeks we're about to get another one: a meta, meta, meta for the sake of meta one where Dean and Sam wake up as actors named Jensen and Jared in an alternate universe, and I'm afraid the show may jump the proverbial shark with that moment. But at least I'll always have these to bask in...

"10 Reasons Parks & Recreation's Return Was More Than Worth The Wait"

From guest stars to poking fun at unconscionable pop culture phenomenons to new relationships and explorations of long-teased ones, these are my top ten reasons why everyone should be looking forward to the return of Parks and Recreation, a fall show in a mid-season timeslot. I'm not sure who I missed more: Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, or Andy Dwyer!

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