Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Pop Culture New Year's Resolutions...

This time last year I wasn't making pop culture resolutions but instead a list of all of the things I hoped would happen in the world of pop culture. I guess you could call it a post holiday part two of my wish list for Santa. In looking back on it now, for reflection but also in consideration of what I want to note about 2011, I couldn't help but point out one very specific thing: I have to learn to be more specific.

The last item on my list last year was that a sequel to Mean Girls would get started. While I went on to explain it should have Tina Fey back at the helm and hopefully be for the geriatric set, kind of a "Plastics in the retirement home" scenario (come on, how awesome would Betty White be in that???), only the notion of a general sequel was bolded. And let's face it, the universe doesn't have time to read the fine print! So a sequel I was granted, in the form of an ABC Family original premiering on January 23rd and starring a new generation of Plastics at North Shore. No Tina Fey, no Lizzy Caplan, not even a reprise of Amanda Seyfried's ditzy Karen, having been left back a few times. Just what is sure to be an unnecessary bastardization of a once genius piece of art.

Yes, I said it; I called the original Mean Girls art. If you didn't expect that, you clearly haven't been reading this site (or my book).

So in 2011 I resolve...

1) ...there will be an 'Archie and Friends' movie. Well, with my track record, web series is more like it! There are so many popular childhood comics being turned into big screen bastardizations, what's one more? I know no one likes to admit they read these as a child, or hell, may even still pick up an occasional Double Digest at the Ralphs checkout stand, but I will; I'll own it. I was the ten year-old girl with stacks upon stacks in her closet. Besides, can't you just see the adorable Gabriel Basso as the freckle-faced, red-headed ladies' man and leading man of The Archies? With today's post-post-modern snark, it could be everything The Brady Bunch Movie tried but unfortunately fell flat at: a funny, nostalgic, musical, and poignant period piece.

2) not be all about "the gadget." Meaning, I will PUT DOWN the iPhone when I am trying to kill time in public and get back to people watching. That should give me enough material for at least another book!

3) ...I will write about Supernatural more often and more professionally. The weekly Tweetathon round-up and op-ed pieces are one thing, but back in March 2010, I came out of #LACon strong, with a bunch of fun interviews and preview pieces gathered from one-on-ones, a roundtable, and public Q&As. I had planned to continue the momentum but got too caught up in new fall shows to really keep up. #LACon 2011 is earlier this year, so hopefully I can get my groove back!

4) ...I will actually stick with a book club for more than three months. As much television as I watch, I read just the same, but in the past I have been reluctant to read on a deadline or because something is "assigned." Couple that with changes to work schedules, and I have never managed to be a successful or productive member of a book club, though I have taken part in two separate ones in recent years. These days, though, I find I eagerly look to friends just as much as Entertainment Weekly for recommendations on what to take on next, and I look forward to being able to pass books around rather than spend a bunch of money on things for which I don't have room in my closet.

5) ...I will finally catch up on smart television like Mad Men and Friday Night Lights. Even if it means forgoing more common (but let's face it, crappier) programs like Desperate Housewives and How I Met Your Mother.

5.1) ...I will also (albeit is slowly) pick up cult classic shows like Popular and Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD to finally see what all the fuss was about!

6) ...I will continue to ignore celeb-reality shows like the new Khloe & Lamar program and pseudo-celeb-reality shows like Jersey Shore. I have been hard on reality TV in the past, but in reality (heh), there is a place for most of it. Competition programs offer merits beyond entertainment, and the various self-help shows shine a spotlight on sometimes sensationalized versions but still causes that deserve recognition and note. However, there are far too many "lifestyle" programs about lives that no one should aspire to, and really no one outside of these people's immediate friends and family should give a crap about. And let's face it, these shows are full of crap! Too many staged situations and "putting on a show" for the cameras, even when they claim otherwise. Um, hello, Camille Grammer: you can pretend your marriage is happy all you want, but it's you who looks crazy when the truth comes out! I don't write about these shows, and for the most part I don't watch. I hope you all will do the same. Maybe if we all ignore them, they will finally just go away. Reality stars need buzz to live. Let's let them die a quick and painless death in 2011.

7) ...networks will drop the various levels of relationships show trend and move back to workplace programs. Though winter 2011 is all about various relationship comedies coming to network television (but more on that coming soon), there isn't anything particularly new or exciting about that, so it is my belief that trend will fizzle and cycle back once again to the office-set relationships, be it in comedy or drama or a combination of the two. NBC has already stepped up to the plate with a new one from Steve Carell so clearly I'm onto something.

8) ...I will appear on Ellen! Hey, Ryan O'Connor started a petition to get on Oprah earlier this year, and he made his dream come true just this past Thursday as the finalists for Oprah's "Next TV Star" search show were announced (he is one of them). I used to intern over at Ellen in my final semester at USC, and now I would love to appear on her show as a human interest guest promoting my pop culture memoir. The chapter about my experiences interning there (among other daytime entertainment news programs) was cut for not fitting into the relationship theme of the book, but I'd be more than happy to read from the "lost chapter" on-air! Let's make it happen, people!

9) ...I will no longer ask for Amber Riley to perform a Mariah Carey medley on glee. I get that I might be beating a dead horse at this point, as Ryan Murphy has proven he can-- and will-- entertain just about every other thought in the ether for his show but not that one. Instead, I would like her to appear as a Younger Shirley on Community and perform a medley of Disney princesses' songs (just like she did on the Walt Disney Christmas parade this year). It can be used for a Shirley-centric rom-com homage episode, just like Yvette Nicole Brown pitched herself. We will see Shirley now, maybe not quite pining but still hoping (through song!) for some nice young suitor. Britta, of course, thinks she should be a woman of action, not just deep thought, and we can flash back to see her in her teen years to see how she has always been an old-fashioned romantic at heart. She may not have been raised by pop culture like Abed, but maybe those princess musicals, or just romantic stories in general, had more of an effect on her than she realized.

Specific enough for you, universe? That story line just wrote itself.

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Jamie C. said...

I fully support 5 and 5.1... Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

I'm also watching a New Year's Day Buffy slayathon on Logo right now...