Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pop Culture Is Looking Up In 2011...

2010 has come and gone and taken a lot of pop culture fads, trends, and names with it, but that doesn't mean 2011 is going to be left with any sort of shortage. In fact, 2011 brings with it a lot of promise across multiple platforms. Here are just a few of the things that excite My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture:

Parks and Recreation. My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture has already screened the first six episode of this third season, and I can honestly say there is not a weak one in the bunch. Usually a show will come out of the gate strong but falter a little in episode four or five, for new shows unsure of whether or not they'll even get that far and for returning shows just needing a break while the prep big things to come. But with Leslie Knope, you know the energy and enthusiasm are always going to be exceptionally high, and the January 20th return doesn't fail to deliver. Ron Swanson, his love of brunettes and breakfast foods, the permanent addition of the dry Chris and exceptionally optimistic Chris, and the return of Tammy II are reason enough to get excited about NBC comedy Thursdays again.

My favorite Friends being back on TV. They're not sharing the same show, let alone the same network, but that having them back in my home on a weekly basis is good enough for me. Courteney Cox has proven she knows how to pick a strong follow-up script, providing weekly Wednesday laughs, and having already screened Matt LeBlanc's short and sweet season, I can say the same for Sundays. Hopefully Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow will follow suit so they can be around to stay for just as long as their shared success.

Scream 4
. Stop judging me; I am still a twelve year-old at heart, and more than any other film coming out this year (and let's face it, there are a lot of very highly anticipated ones), this is one I have had my eye on for a long time. I was never quite satisfied with the ending of the trilogy; I didn't like that Roman was the only one to act alone, and I wasn't entirely convinced he didn't really have a partner out there somewhere he just decided not to sell out in the end. Regardless, I am eager to see how this franchise steps it up a notch for a new generation come April.

. FX is fast becoming my go-to channel for clever, unique, witty television programming, and the return of this spy spoof is something I have been anticipating ever since seeing the first season finale. Featuring the incomporable voice talents of greats like H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, and Jessica Walter, how could you not? But furthermore, this season takes a look at a softer side to our oafish hero as he has moments of a new kind of intimacy with his once lady-love and becomes a father. Or does he? Find out when the animated series returns on January 27th.

"Started Early, Took My Dog: A Novel". It won't be published until March, but the summary is focused on a woman who watches a kid getting dragged down the street and decides to take said kid. For someone who always threatens her friends with bringing scissors to Disneyland to cut the kids on leashes free, that premise speaks to me. Besides, it is coming highly recommended from some of my current favorite authors, so you really can't go wrong.

. I say this every year. At least I have for the last few. But I really, really believe it will happen this time! I mean, tracks have already leaked that were supposed to be on the album as well as ones that were still in the early stages of being worked on. Dre hadn't even laid down his vocals yet; there was still the scratch track for the lyrics over the beat. So we're getting closer, and with twelve months to go, I really believe it will be done! Similarly, I have high hopes for the new albums from Jay-Z and the Foo Fighters. I have odd, eclectic taste in music.

"My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture"
as an eBook
. Okay, I get it, people: eBooks are the wave of the future. They are cheaper, easier, faster, and they take up far less room. I may have delayed releasing my pop culture memoir this way to see the demand, but I was never planning to hold out for too long. The eBook, which will be instantly delivered to Kindles across the USA and UK upon purchasing through is currently being formatted and will be published by the end of the month.

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