Saturday, January 22, 2011

Somebody Spilled The Glue...All Over My TV Watching Habits!...

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture loves swag. That's kind of a "Well, duh" moment by now, huh? I also spend an unconscionable amount of time watching television. Another moment of stating the obvious. You could say that I do because I get paid to, but really, I was doing it long before I was earning any money for it. In fact, doing it for a living kind of became a way to justify the behavior to begin with. But I enjoy sharing what I'm watching and why with the world. After all, I believe television and its shows and personalities have the ability to change and shape people, so I want to pinpoint the good examples out there so others can turn out better than I did.

But anyway recently a friend turned me onto a website where you can get stickers for "checking in" to the programs you watch. Get Glue offer stickers for special occasions like season premieres and finales of certain shows, as well as "Fan" and "Superfan" stickers when you check in numerous times to the same show. They give you a goal to work towards, you guys! And occasionally there are hidden stickers you can unlock by checking in using a specific word or phrase. There's intrigue! And mystery! And kind of a "collect as many as you can" scenario that brings me back to the good ole days of my childhood and Pogs.

Remember Pogs?? Little round buttons of cardboard, which, when you think about it are just versions of these Get Glue stickers. I never actually played the game. In fact I'm not quite sure I ever even learned the full rules. All I understood was that, like the game of Magic, you could lose or trade in the process of the game, and I reveled in my collection. I had some kickass Pogs: Beverly Hills 90210 Pogs, scented pogs, custom Pogs of my friends and my dog I made with a "make your own Pog" machine... You could say I hoarded them; I kept them tucked nice and safe away in a binder; I couldn't risk losing even one!
I preferred to just build a nice collection the old fashioned way: by buying them.

You don't have to buy anything on Get Glue. It's basically Foursquare, but since it lets you check in to all kinds of media (I'm just much more focused on television with its abundance of sticker rewards than any of the others), it's much more up my alley. The stickers are like the Girl Scout badges I never got-- because I was never in Girl Scouts. I wear them proudly on my profile on the website, and if I so choose on my Facebook profile and Twitter feed, too, and now, I can quite literally wear them proudly.

Because if virtual swag isn't enough for you, Get Glue has recently upped the ante by offering free copies of whatever stickers from your collection that they have in stock by simply submitting your mailing address through the website. They will send twenty at a time, completely free of charge. Half the fun is waiting for your package, wondering which ones will turn up in your mailbox!

But wait; there's more! Through partnerships with studios and networks like Showtime, every time you check in to certain shows you are entered to win copies of DVDs or percentages off purchases in the official shows' online stores. ...Let's face it, though; they had me with the stickers. With each new season or show premiere comes a variety of new things to collect. And really, that's all I've ever really wanted.

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