Saturday, January 29, 2011

'Supernatural' Saturdays: A Giveaway To Tide You Over!...

Dear Supernatural Fans:

I know this weekend is going to be rough on you. You were expecting to see your boys back in action last night, and unfortunately due to circumstances beyond your control you could not. Now you have to wait a whole extra week, which can lead to the same kind of screaming that Sam expelled when his soul was being crammed back into his body. In other words, waiting is not fun.

There has been some talk floating around Twitter that some of you have created clever but mean hashtags to flood The CW's Twitter with in regards to the decision to bump the return of this show (and of Smallville-- we must never forget Smallville) to February 4th. I am here to reiterate the chatter I have seen that that behavior is never the answer. The decision is done; it was made by much higher-ups than the people who patrol that Twitter ID. Besides, it's only a week.

I know; I know; of course I can say "only," right? After all, I've already seen the episode. Well, how about we compromise then? Instead of dwelling on what we don't have, why don't we celebrate what we do?

Supernatural is an amazingly unique show filled with clever stories and really talented individuals-- both behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera. And the fandom is just as unique, too. Many of the fans have come together online and created real, deep, meaningful friendships that will last far longer than the series itself. Just recently I have gotten one of my friends into the show, and now I encourage you to use this week to do the same!

In order to help you do so, I am hosting a giveaway of the first season of Supernatural. I know all of you long-time fans probably already have multiple copies. But maybe you want a "clean" copy to get autographed at the next convention? Or perhaps you want to give it to a friend so he or she will start watching? Or perhaps you just need a new one because you wore your old one out?

Or maybe you are someone yourself who wants to get into the series? Well, I'd of course rather you watch legally than download, so I'm here to help!

You can enter to win a copy of the first season of Supernatural on DVD simply by leaving a comment below OR Tweeting me with the episode that first had you hooked on the series and why. Or if you are someone who has not yet had a chance to start watching, just leave a comment with why you want to start now. It's that simple!

You can enter as many times as you want between now and Tuesday, February 1st. This is a short contest so I can mail the DVD out to you before the new episode.

Ready? Set! Gush!


LibbyCTV said...

I'm not sure which episode hooked me but I do know that it was TNT's airing of 2 episodes of Supernatural every weekday morning (in order) that made me take notice, then buy & watch the 1st season & then ALL the rest of the seasons that were out at the time (1-4) & buy season 5 on iTunes because I needed it. I'm in the process of introducing my brother to it now. Thanks for the opportunity!

KimberlyFDR said...

I got hooked on SPN around the 3rd season. It took my friends that long to convince me to get over my immediate reaction of "Eric Brady shouldn't be fighting demons." ;) From the pilot, I was hooked on the brother relationship that defied demons, destruction, and even death.