Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Supernatural' Saturdays: Guest Stars I Hope Will Return...

The sixth season of Supernatural thus far has been all about resetting the rules for the demon-hunting drama. After Lucifer and Michael fell into "the pit" at the end of season five, Dean went off to live a so-called normal life with his one-time lady love, Lisa, while Sam, minus one soul, went off to hunt...well, not so solo. He teamed up with his grandfather, who had somehow managed to be brought back from death, too. With the show constantly bringing back old faces, sometimes at unexpected times, and sometimes just in unexpected ways, no one should be off limits, right? So My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture has a few suggestions for characters and guest stars we want to see pop up again* soon!

*Other than the obvious Papa and Mama Winchester and surrogate mama Ellen, that is...

Cassie Robinson (Megalyn Echikunwoke). Long before Lisa was even a glimmer in the Supernatural writers' eyes, Dean had a long-lost love he cared so much for he actually spilled the truth about his family business. These two had crazy chemistry, and she may have been the first girl Dean dated...for more than one night. When they reconnected years later in the episode Route 666, the attraction was still more than there and we got the first look at carnal Dean. And it was a look he wore well. Besides it would add to his already conflicted-feelings about leaving Lisa if suddenly someone else he loved popped up.

Adam Milligan (Jake Abel). Personally I want to see what it would look like if he was pulled from the pit after over a year of being batted around down there. He died a horrible death because of who his family was long before he ever got to meet most of them and then got pulled out of the ground once, to be used as a pawn in a sick game of which he most likely wanted no part. If we thought NoSoul Sam was an angry (or empty) guy, well, Adam has way more to build on in that. I want to see what it would look like if the brothers arrived at a job only to realize the demon they had to take on was their own brother, a kid who, in many ways, they got into this mess to begin with. I bet that'll tug on your heartstrings!

The Ghostfacer team (AJ Buckley, Travis Wester, Austin Basis, Brittany Ishibashi). The world has changed since the apocalyptic shift at the end of season five, and I wonder what that world looks for for these guys. Have they all survived? Are they back together? And better yet, who's their new intern!? I think there is a lot of story left to tell for these not-quite-heroes. They made a promise to keep coming for ghosts and spirits, and I want to see that delivered. Also, I want to nominate Madison Chandler as the new intern. Canines can sense energies; he would be the perfect addition to help sniff out (no pun intended) whatever they are investigating.

Ash (Chad Lindberg). Come on, who doesn't miss the mullet? Dr. Badass hasn't been "in" in a long time, and that's unfortunate because he had a truly unique sense of humor. And style. But more than that, he was an integral part to Sam and Dean's demon-tracking. Without him, they'd still be neck-deep in research about Yellow Eyes! I always felt there was a chance he wasn't actually in Harvelle's Roadhouse when it exploded...until we saw him in heaven in a later episode. But hey, the show pulls people down (or up) all of the time. What's to say an angel won't need help of the technological kind sometime and call upon the master? I can only hope...

Missouri (Loretta Devine). A long-time family friend and actual psychic, she was one of the best matches for the "we think we know it all and want to do it our way" brothers. She matched wits with them well, kept them in line, and had a lot to offer when it came to tracking and confronting spirits. Plus, let's face it, there's never not a good time to integrate the cast with some strong, non-demonic, female characters.

Who would you want to see return??

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