Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Did It Better: Telethon Edition...

In season two of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope signed her Pawnee Parks Department underlings up for the worst possible block of time during a charity telethon. She scarfed Nutri-Yum bars by the fistful, fought off Ron Swanson's sleep-fighting, discussed her favorite Friends episodes on-air at length and pledged her own money to get the total to her own personal goal.

Last night, 30 Rock played their own hand at a (celebrity) telethon when Jack got the genius idea to pretape something to ready for the night of a disastrous event. After all, telethons are not usually ratings juggernauts because all of the networks air them at the same time. But what if he had a leg up on the competition? Sure, this way it really isn't all about helping the cause (hell, what the cause is can (and will have to) be filled in later. Nonetheless, the show also paraded its stars on a stage to show off their maybe not-so-hidden talents and raise money and awareness for a (well, good was relative in last night's case) cause.

30 Rock had actual celebrities and a really generic but still emotional song from Jenna and Robert DeNiro-- but his cred is diminished somewhat after SNL. Parks and Recreation had local celebrities, a performance by Mouse Rat and Ron Swanson...recaning an old chair. Hmm, personally My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture thinks this one may be a draw. And quite frankly I'd welcome either of them as telethons for my cause*!

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