Friday, February 4, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Geek!...

I admit it: I was never a comic book nerd or a genre fan as a kid. I just didn't get it. For me, film and television was an escape in and of itself: I found worlds there far better than my own without having to travel to other galaxies or have masked superheroes scoop me up and "save" me. It is only now that I am older that I have slowly but surely gotten into some of that programming, willing to suspend disbelief; willing to be lifted off the ground of reality; with an open enough mind to see the solid story-telling within.

Many of you are much more evolved than me because you have been doing that for years. You might be shaking your heads at me right now, thinking it's "about time" I "got with it." And for that, I totally understand. After all, working in the entertainment business has granted me access to events, people, and shows that I have probably taken for granted. Well, even if I have, now YOU can benefit!

I have put together an "Embrace Your Inner Geek" kit of random swag from sci-fi and other supernatural type shows and one lucky
My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture reader can win it all. Inside the kit is:

  • A copy of The Cape comic book. See the origins of NBC's man-turned-myth in this rare promotional piece.
  • A tabletop alien. He works as a good assistant-- someone to keep an eye on you and ensure you're doing your job-- or a simple stress reliever that you can squeeze to get out aggression.
  • A Being Human Pat-the-Bunny book. Complete with stickers to chart the moon so you don't turn into a werewolf unsuspectingly and a bag of blood to help with your vampiric cravings!
  • A copy of Supernatural on DVD. 'Nuff said.
  • A copy of "Finding LOST: Season Six". Go inside (and behind-the-scenes) of the final season of the game-changing dramatic series.

All you have to do to enter to win is make sure you're following me on Twitter and then Tweet the following between now and Sunday, February 13th at 5pm PST:

"I just embraced my inner geek thanks to @danielletbd and you can, too! Find out how at"

Not on Twitter? Feel free to enter by leaving a comment with your favorite sci-fi/superhero/supernatural/comic book film or television show and why. If you opt to leave a comment, just make sure you leave a valid email address so that I have a point of contact in case you're the lucky winner!

Feel free to enter as many times as you want and good luck!

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