Thursday, February 10, 2011

From LA Examiner: Bros Before Hos On 'Community'; The Return of Tammy Swanson; Nick Jonas Plays The Sunshine Center; Show Some 'Love' For Tyler Labine

"Valentine’s Day on Community helps renew a bromance and forms a new one”

Community has given us Halloweens and Christmases like none-other, so why shouldn’t they take on Valentine’s Day next? Tonight, in all their snarky glory the Greendale gang tries to find love in all of the wrong places in “Early 21st Century Romanticism"... [MORE]

"Angry eyes, manipulated hearts, you can’t lose with Ron and Tammy Swanson!”

What can one say about revenge? Many feel it is a dish best served cold, but LA TV Insider Examiner thinks it is a dish best served with Tammy Swanson! And luckily for us (and all of you viewers), Parks and Recreation agrees... [MORE]

"First Look: Nick Jonas on Mr. Sunshine"

What happens when a brand new show, looking for strong ratings right off the bat, has a role of "Teen Heartthrob" to fill? Why, they have to hire an actual teen heartthrob, of course! Who wouldn't want to capitalize on the soft curls and sweet smirk of someone like Nick Jonas? ... [MORE]

"Tyler Labine: Watch Mad Love; Don't Let This Nice Guy Finish Last"

When LA TV Insider Examiner sat down with Tyler Labine during CBS’ winter press tour last month to promote his new CBS sitcom, Mad Love, it was only the second time we had ever interviewed him and the first time doing so in person. But Labine seemed comfortable right from the beginning and didn’t skimp on offering straight-from-the-set scoop... [MORE]

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