Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Cape' Foed By NBC; Monica and Chandler Reunited, Even If Only On This Page...

"The Cape thwarted by NBC: Cut to 10 episodes"

It's ill-timed, but today LA TV Insider Examiner got the news that The Cape has had its first season episode order cut from the usual thirteen episodes of a mid-season show to only ten. According to the dip last night's episode had in the ratings (down about six percent to 1.5 million viewers), this news is not all that surprising, yet we still say it's ill-timed because we just finished a really fun interview with Chad Lindberg, who will be guest-starring in next Monday's episode, "Goggles and Hicks," as one half of a "bad-ass" team of tech-savvy assassins who discovers The Cape's true identity... [MORE]

"Celebrate Valentine’s Day early with the cast of Cougar Town"

It’s almost time for Cougar Town to take a hiatus so Courteney Cox’ one-time TV husband Matthew Perry’s new show can have a chance to shine. This time next week LA TV Insider Examiner will be telling you to tune into Mr. Sunshine at 9:30pm on ABC, but tonight you definitely need to get one last look (at least for a little while) at the Cougar Town cul-de-sac crew when they celebrate Valentine’s Day just a wee bit earlier than the rest of us... [MORE]

"Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine is a fun, self-reflexive and snarky sitcom"

“I like boats! And mafia movies…As for my skills . . . ” Roman (Nate Torrance) trails off in his initial interview during his first day of work at the Sunshine Center, an “all things” arena that is the setting for ABC’s newest half-hour comedy, Mr. Sunshine. But luckily for the network, and series star Matthew Perry who is still looking to shed an old image, the show itself has quite a few skills... [MORE]

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