Monday, February 14, 2011

From LA Examiner: The Catfights of 'Chuck'; The LoveFest of 'Mad Love'; The Relationship Strain of 'Castle'; The Intensity of 'The Chicago Code'...

"The claws come out for Chuck vs the CAT Squad”

Hmm, for a young, newly betrothed couple, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) certainly still don't play by the traditional rules! It's Valentine's Day and once upon a time Chuck Bartowski would be trying to woo the girl of his dreams through a romantic dinner, but their relationship is so not typical like that! Instead, tonight Chuck surprises Sarah by reuniting her with her old spy team, The CAT Squad. Since it's the closest thing she has to a family, it's actually a very sweet gesture, but it's not all chatty catch-up around a table, either... [MORE]

"Sarah Chalke will make you fall in love with Mad Love"

"I feel like Jason [Biggs] and Sarah [Chalke]’s relationship is-- because they’re, as actors themselves, are really quirky people-- their relationship is becoming way quirkier than maybe the pilot indicates it will, and that’s super fun. It’s way more fun, I’m sure for them, and for all of us because everyone is kind of quirky [now]"... [MORE]

"Will tonight be "The Final Nail" in the Castle/Beckett relationship?"

Love is most certainly not in the air for Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) tonight. It may be Valentine’s Day but the crime-solving duo has a lot more on their minds tonight when they find themselves on opposite sides of a case. Castle’s old friend (guest star Jason Wiles) turns up as the prime suspect in his wife’s murder, a murder which Beckett knows is ninety percent of times the spouse’s doing. Castle, on the other hand, is not so sure. Maybe even to a fault... [MORE]

"The Chicago Code Q&A with double agent Billy Lush"

If you’re anything like LA TV Insider Examiner, you not only tuned into The Chicago Code last week, but you were also completely taken by all of its characters right off the bat. And one in particular may have even intrigued you more than the others. He seemed like just another punk, slightly disheveled kid. He wasn’t in the episode much, and when he was he wasn’t loud or showboaty. But something about him made you want to look again. It was as if he knew more than he was letting on-- that he was smarter than he was letting on-- that he was paying careful attention to everyone and everything around him, not to case the situation as a common criminal might but to remember the details for when he came back and owned it later. He was Liam Hennessey (Billy Lush), a member of the Irish mob who got collared quickly and then revealed to not be at all who he first appeared. More than just a simple informant for the police, this kid is the police. He’s deep undercover, a trusted confidante, but perhaps just a little bit in over his head. And he’s about to be pulled even further under... [MORE]

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