Sunday, February 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Episodes' Signs Off; 'Shameless' Is Devoid Of Adults; The Hollywood Show And Its "Celebrities" Return to Burbank...

"Episodes' first season signs off Showtime"

Can you believe the season finale of Episodes is already here? LA TV Insider Examiner certainly can’t! It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the days until Matt LeBlanc was finally about to be back on our television screens. But then we blinked and if we weren’t careful, we could have missed the season finale altogether... [MORE]

"Would the kids of Shameless be better off if the so-called adults were dead?"

Where have all the adults gone? Ever since we first saw the Shameless pilot we felt an instantaneous connection to the young Gallagher brood, and due to the lack of mature, intelligent, high-functioning adults in their lives, we felt a deep desire to protect them as well. Or to at least give them a big hug. As the episodes of the first season have gone on, all that has been confirmed is that they truly do only have each other, but together they are strong-- stronger than any kids should ever have to be. And now the show starts to beg the question of whether or not these kids would just be better off with the so-called adults in their lives dead-- or at least otherwise gone... [MORE]

"Hollywood Show knows you want to meet Joe Lawrence, Tom Sizemore & RHBH's Cedric"

Hollywood Show is somewhat of an institution for nostalgic film and television fans. A few times a year, they gather the biggest stars who made their name during the seventies, eighties, and apparently reality show boom, and they put them all together in a ballroom in a hotel in Los Angeles to meet their adoring public. Since we have covered Creation Entertainment’s conventions in the past and many people were telling us to check out Hollywood Show for a wider variety of fandom, we were eager to learn more... [MORE]

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