Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From LA Examiner: FOX Pairs The Return of 'Raising Hope' with Its New 'Traffic Light'...

"Martha Plimpton has nothing but love for her Raising Hope family"

Last month LA TV Insider Examiner got to catch up with Martha Plimpton and the other stars of FOX’ working class comedy Raising Hope at the winter press tour in Los Angeles. Though most of the teases she could offer for the second half of the first season we posted in our piece about the second season renewal, she also offered a sneak peek of how her unorthodox mother Virginia Chance will be expanding as the seasons go on. First and foremost, should we expect her to put her pipes to good use and be the lead singer in husband Burt (Garret Dillahunt)’s makeshift jam-band? ... [MORE]

"Advance Review: 'Go' for Traffic Light!"

There is a whole mess of new “various stages of relationships” comedies coming to television this mid-season, as you’ve already seen if you’ve been following LA TV Insider Examiner for the past few weeks. The most recent one on deck, for FOX, is Traffic Light, whose title misses the mark, in our opinion, but whose sense of camaraderie nails it... [MORE]

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